Applying the Laws of Nature in Business and Mission Strategy Planning

leverage-with-the-laws-of-nature-300Everything in our physical universe is governed by Laws. They are commonly referred to as the Laws of Physics. You may have heard them referred to as the Universal Laws of Generalized Principles. Simply stated there is something that holds stuff up and keeps it working so planets don’t fall out of the cosmos, humans don’t drop off the earth, life is created and evolves and life goes on. Something is governing that, and we refer to them as Laws.

So let’s learn a bit more about these Laws of Nature and why I call them undefeatable. Our physical universe is governed by Laws that are predictable, repeatable, understandable and are associated with a mathematical equation. Many of the Laws we know about today, like the Law of Gravity have a mathematical equation that explains how they work. Some Laws might even be yet to be discovered or put in terms of their mathematical equation.

The most popular Law, Einsteins’ Law of Relativity is called Einsteins’ Law because he discovered the mathematical equation of E=Mc2 , which very basically means energy is equal to the mass and speed in a vacuum squared. I won’t be covering this Law here in this module, but you’ll learn more about it and how you can apply this Law to understand your relationship to effort, work, speed and results later on in the bootcamp, so you can transition from working hard to working smart.

The point I want to make here is that because Laws of Nature are predictable, repeatable and understandable you can align your mission statement and strategy to them to make your mission outcomes predictable, repeatable and understandable. I’m going to show you how over the next Tens Steps of the Ten Step Master Plan.

Laws of Nature are universally applicable. That means there is no place that these Laws do not work. Recent breakthroughs in Quantum Physics have discovered how every thing in Universe, at the sub-atomic level has running through it a Universal Intelligence that is governing all rhythm and cycles and so on in your physical world. Something Intelligent is at play in our Universe. You might call it God. This intelligence is creative and in everything at this sub-atomic level. It’s a Universal Creative Intelligence at work. And that intelligence can be found within each of us at the sub-atomic level of every cell in our body.

So you see quite literally the “answers do really lie within us”. I call that a “Genius Databank” within us that we can tap into and work in harmony with to solve anything and every thing. By the end of the bootcamp you will have learned how to tune in, tap into and turn on your “Genius Databank” so you can overcome even the most stubborn of obstacles and achieve what you might think now, is the impossible.

Laws of Nature are the orderly method of omnipotent energy. Everything in our world comes down to energy and energy has mass and that mass is ordered through a method – we call it Law.

We cannot alter that method or that Law because we aren’t the intelligence that created them. That makes The Laws of Nature Undefeatable. That makes you undefeatable when you align to them and work with them. It also gives you magnetism and when incorporated into your mission plan gives your mission strategy magnetism, just like those planets there in our solar system are magnetically held together and rotate around each other without collapsing in on each other.

There is a magnetic force at play holding the whole enchilada together attracting the sun to warm the planet and attracting the moon to light up, the planets to rotate around each other and so on. All the resources the solar system needs to function perfectly and hum are in place. So you too can work with these Laws of Nature to attract the resources you need for your solar system, your mission, to function perfectly and hum.

If you would like to learn more about how to create leverage in your business or mission using the Undefeatable Laws of Nature, check out my two webinars here.

You will discover:

  • Why most missions for change fail or make no to slow progress, and what you can do to avoid the same fate;
  • What to do to eliminate struggle and create better results by avoiding “frantic hard-work”;
  • How to avoid dealing with relentless obstacles by learning how to create a winning mindset.

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