Are You in the Danger Zone About to Dump Your Dreams?

I was in the danger zone this morning, in danger of dumping a dream goal of mine this morning. Not dumping it all together but putting it off for another day, so I could feel less overwhelmed and more comfortable. I had made countless cups of tea I didn’t need or really want. I was constantly checking my email, getting up to talk to my colleague, flicking from one task to another not completing any of them and I even spent some time biting all my nice manicured nails off. I kept listing all the things I needed to do and got completely overwhelmed with the share volume of tasks I had to complete today. I felt like taking the day off because, well I’ve been working long hours and I deserve time off, even though my big Mission Accomplished Webinar is on tomorrow.

Hmmmmmm…. I recognized I was on the edge of a major breakthrough and my subconscious mind was throwing up all manner of distractions to prevent me doing the tasks I needed to do to break free and meet a big goal of mine this week. This past month I have had a great amount of success and some fantastic things have been happening for me… I’m out of my comfort zone. That means I’m in the danger zone.

I’ve spoken in earlier blogs about how our subconscious mind has a ‘set point’ or ‘comfort plateau’ it likes to keep us safe in. Much like a weightloss plateau. This set point get’s triggered every time you start having successes you might not be used to; when you get close to meeting your goals; or as you begin to break free of some limiting pattern.

This is a Danger Zone! You are in danger of self sabotaging or distracting behaviours that will throw you off your course toward your dreams and keep you in the Safe Zone where you feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter what level of success you have gained or not, this pattern is alive and kicking in all of us. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people take control.

How To Recognize You Are In The Danger Zone

  • Procrastination – Are you procrastinating about something you know is the very thing that will get you to the next level of your development or success?
  • La La Land Dreaming – Is your mind wandering off into La La land dreaming and wandering without a clear focus?
  • Un-Focused Tasks – Are you bounding from one task to another that has nothing to do with reaching your dreams or goals? You’re stuck with all these little things you need to do before you can focus on making your dreams happen?
  • More Little Things Keep Springing Up – Do you have all sorts of things just springing up from ‘nowhere’ that you ‘have to’ attend to, so you get swayed of the path of the straight and narrow of working toward your goals. You’ll get back to it once all these things ‘stop happening’ right?
  • Big Things Jump Out Of the Bushes – Are you having to drop everything because your car broke down, the kids got sick, you got sick, someone in your life has just passed away – yes! – the fridge is leaking and you ‘have to fix it’ – all right before you need to do something that will progress you hugely toward your big dream?…

    These things happen in life but the timing is interesting. Especially if it keeps happening right before you’re about to take a big step toward reaching your dreams.

Smell a rat!?

Guess what? You’re creating all that. It’s not happening in isolation to the fact that you’re frightened, feeling uncomfortable of the unknown and feeling out of control. So your outside world starts to get out of control… Remember your outside world is a reflection of your inner condition. Got it!

Your subconscious mind in conjunction with an certain aspect of your brain are working together to magnetize to you the people, places, events and resources to throw you off track so you stay comfortable and you never get off the treadmill you’re currently on. You will stay stuck in this comfort zone until you re-program your brain and subconscious mind so they congruently work together to help you move forward.

How To Get Out Of The Danger Zone

John Assaraf said recently “Successful people never allow their circumstances to control them. They know how to control the circumstances they need to be successful.

So how do you control the circumstances throwing you off track so you continually and consistently  create progress.

  1. Firstly you must recognize fully where you are – you’re in the Danger Zone. You can’t get to where you want to go unless you are honest about where you find yourself. So here’s what I do.

    I say “Isn’t that interesting”. I’m diffusing the energy immediately by saying this.

    Then I declare “I appear to be in the danger zone – that’s interesting.” I’m acknowledging my position and diffusing it once again.

  2. Then I give my subconscious mind a little pep talk. I might say –

    “You know what, I recognize you’re just trying to keep me safe and comfortable. But I’m really not comfortable with this situation in my life (name the situation), and I’m working to create this situation (name what you want), so that I can feel really comfortable, joyous, happy, free, abundant, prosperous, loving and in tune with the Divine. Will you help me feel this next level of comfort?”

  3. Show your subconscious mind what that next level of comfort is for you by imagining the desired outcome. Whether it’s a steady income, greater income, larger house, more business, a loving partner, harmonious relationships etc….
  4. Danger diffused.

Moving Into The Dream Zone

Now this is a very important step… Say to your sub conscious mind and brain “Now I’m about to take to take the next step in making my comfortable dream life happen. When I take this step everything comes into my life to support me. There are emergencies – no! Everything will run smoothly supporting me in taking this next step and the next step and the next step.” That’s not me being dyslexic, that reversal of the word no is purposeful.

Your next step is to take action toward making your dream happen and ignore everything else now that you have declared there will be no emergencies grabbing your attention. Forget about making a snack or just doing that one thing before you take the next step. Take the next small step right now and show your sub conscious mind that you are serious in creating that next level of comfort you will feel when you achieve your goals. You’re committed to having that life you deserve, desire and dream of.

What you’re doing here, is enrolling the sub conscious mind to do what it does best… helps make you feel comfortable… but on your terms and not its definition of comfort, which invariably for you is a limiting situation. Now all you have to do is systematically reprogram your mind and brain.

Warning… you may feel a little light headed afterward because you’ve just diffused some electricity wiring in your brain. Just stay focused on your next step and you’ll find you’ll integrate the new programming you just did.