Being in Alignment With Your Higher Self and Reaching Your Goals

Part  3 of the “Goals In Life – Starting The Year On The Right Foot” Series

Being in alignment with your Higher Self when you set your goals in life, is one of the fastest ways to succeed in reaching your goals. That being said it would make sent if you wanted to be starting the year on the right foot you’d want to make sure you were in alignment with your Higher Self.

Now bare with me social entrepreneurs and change agents because I am getting spiritual with you. I am after all The Mission Mentor who teaches change agents and social entrepreneurs how to incorporate “Strategy With Spirit” and “The Undefeatable Laws of Nature” so your missions to transform this word succeed!

Imagine your spine for a moment if you will. If you don’t have a spine that is in proper alignment you not only can suffer from pain, you might also find a number of health issues develop along the way because of the lack of blood supply being able to run up and down your spine through the central nervous system. You might never reach peak physical performance because your mis-aligned.

So too, if you are not aligned with your Higher  Self, you can often manifest painful situations you weren’t born to experience, but you can also never full reach potential and peak performance as well.

Part of being in alignment with my Higher Self is to make sure my past present and future goals line up. I now take the time to make sure I reassess my goals at the end of each year, see if they are still in alignment with my purpose and mission, get rid of any that are inappropriate –tweak the goals that need tweaking to become in alignment with my Higher Self and it’s Mission Blueprint making sure I’m coming from my Soul. In this way I’m starting the year on the right foot and making sure I have a solid foundation for reaching my goals.

If you have set goals in life that are not aligned to your Mission Blueprint, that thing you came here to do in this world, then you may or may struggle in reaching your goals, and this leads to the all to familiar failed goals syndrome. The failure to reach goals doesn’t have much to do with how you write them, but more to do with; whether or not they in your Soul’s blueprint to achieve; are they what you really want at that Soul level –the level of your higher self; do you have your goals timed within the Laws of Nature (The Law of Periodicity in-particular); and do you have any subconscious blocks to reaching those goals that need to be routed out.

Starting your year aligned to your Mission Blueprint, means starting your year out on the right foot so every step you take is the right step in the right direction. Reaching your goals is a lot easier when you are in alignment with your Higher Self.

If you’d like to learn more about how to be in alignment with your Higher Self and your Mission Blueprint visit this link here for all the details.