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Finding the Deeper Meaning In Your Life

meaning in life, find meaning of life, how to find meaning in life, how can i find my purpose in life, finding the meaning of life, find the meaning in life, finding purpose in lifeThis bonus gift has been prepared for you to gain more meaning from questions 2, 3 & 5,6 on page 6 of your Discover What You Are Here To Do – The Manual.

If you don’t have a copy of the manual you can download from Discover What You Are Here To Do.

Your Soul’s Expression of Meaning

In Chapter Three of my ‘Discover’ book titled ‘Where Does Your Greatest Happiness, Meaning and Success Lie?’ I give a finer distinction on Soul Purpose, Life Purpose and Higher Purpose. I say your Soul’s purpose is the same no matter who you are. That purpose is to expand.

“Your Soul expresses itself by animating your body, working through you for the purpose of expanding – expanding its awareness, consciousness, energy, experiences, understanding, knowledge and abilities….

The way our Soul seeks to expand is through a variety of experiences, plus a number of key expression modalities.”

It is in the precise expression of those modalities that you find deeper meaning in life. These modalities act as doorways to a meaningful life. They act as portals into the feeling of ‘having meaning’.

My Primary Soul Expression Modalities are, if you can remember, Writer, Teacher/Educator, Speaker, Visionary, World Problem Solver, and Traveler. These forms of expression give me the greatest meaning and satisfaction in my life.

The Meaning Of Your Life

Now here’s the really cool thing. It doesn’t matter how meaningless you think your life is, or how meaningless the daily tasks your perform are. Precisely because you perform certain activities with repetition daily; your Soul will attach meaning to it. When you discover that meaning, you can begin to discover the higher expression of that meaning.

For example, when I did my Mission Blueprint Self Discover Process on myself, as discussed in my book, I found out that Writer was my top expression modality, when I always thought teaching was. I discovered that because, when I did the process on myself, one of the meaningless tasks I performed every day, was to write lists. I wrote lists, upon lists, upon lists, upon lists.

Even though I thought this was meaningless, I discovered I would not have been doing this task so repeatatively if the task of writing didn’t have a deeper meaning. My Soul was telling me, in this activity, that my top expression modality was writer. Interestingly enough, when I started writing for a living, I stopped writing so many lists . Having found the higher expression of that modality of writing, I didn’t need to do the task I thought was meaningless.

I gave you an example, in the book, of my client who found that the meaning his Soul had placed in his current daily task of being a Life Guard, was the word Role Model. This is a clue for him. When he expresses himself by being a role model, this is where he will derive greater meaning in his life.

The Deeper Meaning Within What You Do Every Day

You’re about to find out what deeper meaning lies behind the activities you perform on a daily basis.
On page 6 of your manual, in questions 1 and 4 you will list all the activities you carry out during the times mentioned. It is when we dive deep into those questions looking for the hidden meaning in them, that you will begin to find your Soul’s clues as to the deeper meaning in your life; and the expression modalities that will lead you to a meaningful life of purpose.

The only reason those clues appear to be hidden, is because we simply aren’t bought up to analyze the activities in our life in a meaningful way. At least not until we take a life purpose course or start the journey of self discovery and personal development.

Nevertheless, the meaning is there. In this Bonus Gift #2, I wanted to give you an exercise you can do to help you go even deeper when you answer questions 2,3, 5 & 6 on page 6 of your manual. The process is a simple visualization technique you can use, as you answer the questions.

Visualization Technique

1.    Each time you ask the questions in 2,3, 5 & 6 (ie: what are you actually being (or doing) when you are being (or doing) that?); close your eyes and imagine you are going deep inside yourself.

Focus your attention around the middle of your body cavity. Focus on the area between your solar plexus and thymus (also known as the ascended heart) which is in the middle of your chest. Take a look at the picture here to your right to see where I mean. It’s the area surrounded by a purple square with the green, black and white vortex in the middle.

Incidentally, this is the area of your Heart Soul Connection that I talked about in Chapter One of the Discover What You Are Here To Do. Your Heart Soul Connection is that part of you that connects you to the Divine, to ancient knowledge and wisdom, to your Soul’s Blueprint for this life time, to love, to beauty, to joy, to bliss and to magnificence.

So now your attention is deep within this vortex you have created.

2.    Each time you ask the questions in 2,3, 5 & 6, imagine going deep into this vortex inside of your self, and pause to listen for the answer, then write that answer down. This is where you are beginning to find the clues as to what your Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities are.

3.    Again, ask the question and imagine yourself sinking deep within this vortex listening for the answer, write the answer down… repeat at least 1-15 times to come up with at least 3-7 words or more.

By doing this exercise, as you ask the questions, you will begin to uncover the deeper meaning behind why you do what you do; the meaning behind the activities you focus on; and the Soul’s clues as to what the higher expressions of those activities are; so you can go on to live a life of meaning and purpose.


Live, Love and Laugh a Lot

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Nicola Grace
The Mission Mentor

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