How the Human Heart Can Transform the World

Accelerate Life Changes and World Transformation with The Compassion Key

))) Listen to Podcast Here (((Much is being discovered about the power of our heart to heal. Scientists are now postulation that the heart is the second brain in our body, it contains that much intelligence and power. For those of you who have learned my Heart Soul Connection mediation you’ll know that your Heart is also powerful in the process of manifesting.

Edward Mannix, Transformation Leader and co-host of my Effective Changemakers Show takes that work a whole step further in his Compassion Key. I interviewed him recently on how the human heart can transform the world, and how we can accelerate the changes we want to see in our life and the world using his Compassion Key.

Could The Compassion Key be a simple and fast way to transform the world! You can listen to the podcast below:

Edward Mannix, Transformation Leader, Author and Creator of The Compassion Key explains how the most powerful manifestation tool in the world – The Compassion within our heart can:

  • Clear blocks so nothing holds us back from succeeding with our mission?
  • Clear Karma so we can begin to live our lives at choice; and
  • Accelerate the healing and transformation of world into a better place

Approximately 35 minutes into the interview Edward takes you through the first step of The Compassion Key that is so powerful, yet simple and easy to do, you begin to see results quickly.

button-podcast))) Listen and Enjoy! (((


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Finding the Answer Within

Looking For The Answer Within

mission mentor, laws of nature

by Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor

“The answers not only lie within, they are all around us speaking to us through nature.” Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor

We’ve heard it countless times over centuries how the answers lie within us, to seek inside ourselves, to look with in, to follow the answer within. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Quantum scientists have now discovered this Universal Creative Intelligence running through all atoms at a sub atomic level. Our existence comes down to atoms – we are made up of a bunch of atoms organized and individuated to make us unique. However, at the sub atomic level those atoms have a Unifying Field or Universal Creative Intelligence – unifying each and every one of those atoms, in us, in others and in all of energy and matter around us.

We literally have a Genius Databank of intelligence within us. It’s within every cell of your body. We have access to the entire Universe inside of us. A genius lies within you that has nothing to do with your brain or your brain’s intelligence. You have the entire Universe inside of you and a Genius Databank to call upon whenever you need answers. You see the answers really do lie within. You just need to know how to access that.

Tapping into this Genius Databank, I have to spill the beans now, that helped me achieve a six months what an entire industry failed to achieve in seven years. I’m writing about it my new book. To find out a more about the answer within and this exciting new project of mine visit Create A Better World here on Indiegogo.



How to Change the World With Soul

how to change the world, change the world, how can we change the world, game changers, social entrepreneur, change agents, make a difference, accomplish your mission, soulful entrepreneursHow do you change the world with Soul? Great question to ponder since all attempts of changing it with activism, lobbying, meditating, relying on aliens coming from outer-space and the like, are taking their sweet time to manifest. In the meantime the world grows hungrier for massive change daily.

Listen to the Podcast version of this blog post here.How to change the world podcast

In my Mission Accomplished, Vision Achieved Online Bootcamp I outline the winning strategy I used to save a billion dollar industry from ruin using “Strategy With Spirit”. One of the steps in that strategy is to write a magnetic mission plan and statement that has Soul. What do I mean by that?

A “magnetic mission plan” or mission statement is crafted carefully and deliberately so it has its own magnetism that magnetizes to you the people, places, resources and events you need to help you carry out your mission for change and see that change in your life time. Many change agents and soulful entrepreneurs struggle to see the change they effect within their life time – Martin Luther King was one such change agent. But the times, as they say, they are a changing. That’s because we know more about the laws that govern our physical universe. We know more about quantum physics and the laws of mind, creation and manifestation. The movie “The Secret” is out and so is the Secret Law of Attraction.

Entrepreneurs are using this law to manifest to them wealth and success, hot babes, life partners and bigger houses.

My mantra is “Why not use that Law to change the world?” – That is How to Change The World with Soul.

This change begins with creating a ‘magnetic mission for change statement’ and plan. Here’s what I’ve discovered – When you communicate your precise Soul message in your mission plan (the one you came to this world to deliver), you engage mighty forces that you can’t see. Your mission plan becomes magnetic to the resources you need to accomplish your dream vision for change in the world. You’re Soul’s message is also what gives you personal magnetism to help you influence those you need to influence to bring your vision into reality. Think of it as ‘Pain and Pleasure Island’ marketing meets ‘The Secret Law of Attraction’ – and then some…

Most people have a sense they have something to say that would make a difference in the world and could even change it is big or small ways. Most people even have ideas about how to make the world a better place – if only “they” would listen to you right? Your Soul’s message is just one of the ways you can gain the influence you need to do exactly that – influence people enough to listen to you and support you in bringing your vision into reality.

Here’s one the reasons this approach works. Your Soul’s message carries a resonance in the form of what I have called ‘Soul Buzz Words’ – the buzz bit is my way of indicating activation is occurring, much like when  a buzzer goes off we generally spring into some type of action or reaction. So a Soul Buzz Word then is a Soul Activation Word. It activates both you and the other Souls that will join you on your mission to – well – ACT! Every change agent knows that taking action is what is lacking in so many aspects of our world – and taking right action at that.

A Soul Buzz Word also has a resonance that is magnetic and therefore forms your magnetic mission words. When you’re able to extract your precise Soul’s Buzz Words, infuse them into your mission plan, mission statement and marketing messages, you’ll be bringing elements of your Soul’s unique message to the world, engage those mighty forces and magnetize to you the resources you need to make your vision a reality. Then all you need do is get out of your own way and on the right path to drive your mission across the finish line.

This is how we change the world with Soul – by adding our Soul’s message and buzz words to everything we do and living in our Soulful mission. It’s where our personal power lies. Stick with me on this even if it’s a bit out there for you, because this is key to how I saved that billion dollar industry from ruin. When you add your Soul’s message and magnetic buzz words to your mission plan you have begun the process of Soul to Soul communication.

When you communicate Soul to Soul with either an individual or large groups of people who are opposing your idea, or being unhelpful, or are helpful and you need to enlist their support – you’re bypassing the human “mind-field” where all objections come from. Would that be a great skill to have? If you’re struggling to influence people with your bright ideas for change in the world, or finding it difficult to enlist clients to work with you on the very thing you came here to do to make a difference, you might want to try adding magnetic power words into your mission plan, mission statement, your speech and your mission marketing. You might want to try infusing your Soul into your mission for change.

This is just one of three ways you can make your mission plan magnetic and magnetize to you the people, places, resources and events you need to bring your mission for change into manifestation. I have a free webinar coming up that will outline the other points on how to make your mission plan and statement magnetic, as well as giving you the 3 WATTS you need to use to power your mission, find inspired solutions and make things happen. You can check it out and register at Ten Step Master Plan or use the form below. I’ll see you there.