December 12 2012 – What’s All the Fuss About

Can you believe it? It’s 12 12 12 tomorrow. 12th December 2012. This holiday season falls in the most talked about month in history. 12:12:12, and the 21st and 22nd of December. What an amazing auspicious time. But what does it all mean.

I devoted this month’s Strategy With Spirit ezine to how we can use this symbolic time to set up 2013 to be the best year ever. I’m going to be coming from the perspective that what you focus on increases. Via a Law in Nature called the Law of Growth, when we begin to think thoughts, those thoughts seek to grow and seek other thoughts like them until they reach critical mass and become our physical reality – or they manifest that which we think.

So it is super critical at this time, during this craziness, to focus only on what you want and let go of what you do not want. Given that what you focus on increases and that millions of people from all around the world of all walks of life and religion are focused on what might happen on Wednesday the 12th…. You can play a part in what does happen by setting your intention for what you want to quantum leap to, both as an individual and as a humanity. You can maximize this energy by setting some intentions.

And that is important because according to the Myans we are at the end of a cycle that will begin the new cycle of conscious co-creation. So we need to start thinking along the lines of actively participating in what we are consciously creating together.

The more of us collectively focusing on the positive outcomes of this auspicious time, the better for all of us.

Here’s the link to view this months Strategy With Spirit Ezine on 12 12 12.