Extravaganza 2012 Event Magic Castle Hollywood

I’m going to Hollywood! as part of the Six Awesome Aussie Authors whose expert interviews appear in the new book Ready Aim Captivate along with world leading visionaries Deepak Chopra and Jim Stovall. I’m psyched. If you’d like to receive an advance copy of my unedited, extended interview appearing in the book and follow the book launch, there’s a form you can fill out below.

The book ‘Ready, Aim, Captivate’ Put Magic In Your Message and a Fortune In Your Future, is due for launch in January of 2013 but  the Gala at The Magic Castle in Hollywood is next week.

The book takes a holistic approach to moving forward into this new paradigm of work, wealth and business emerging as we shift into a New Great Age.  Our magical messages offer an expanded experience of creating wealth, health, success and happiness for both business owners and individuals.

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Six Awesome Aussie Authors

The Six Awesome Aussie Authors include Dr. Germain Salib, Ruth Thirtle, Michael Andjelkovic, Karyn Stapleton and our Happiness Embassor Bernadette Dimitrov (Australia’s first official Mrs Claus). We’ll be attended the Extravaganza 2012 event at the Magic Castle Mansion in Hollywood next week. We’re all very excited about participating in this event.

Oprah Winfrey surprise guest at Extravaganza 2012 Magic Castle HollywoodFor those of you who know about my “3 Degrees to Connect Formula” (the post Internet version of the Six Degrees of Separation idea) you’ll be familiar with the story that “good connections can get you launched, and a Great Connection can launch you for life”.

I often use Oprah Winfrey in my example of a Great Connection that can launch you for life. So guess who will be attending the Extravaganza event along with me… oh no ok, it’s not Oprah Winfrey, but someone famous she interviewed. In fact one of her favorite interviews.

I’d call that 1 degree to connect… !

Don’t know who it is yet as as it’s a surprise. Will let you know when I do though.

The guest line up for the event is a star studded cast of presenters I’m looking forward to meeting in the networking section. Then after the event is over it’s a much needed holiday in a fabulous Palm Springs Spa Retreat to get pampered and prepare my mind, body and soul for the launch of Mission Accomplished, Vision Achieved Blueprint Bootcamp 27th September.

Phew! I need that Spa just thinking of everything I need to do. Life is great and getting better and better every day. Signing off now to go figure out what I’m going to wear… It is Hollywood after all and that task can take days.

If you’d like to get instant access to my unedited, extended interview appearing in the book Ready Aim Captivate, follow the book launch and get VIP news and bonuses to our international launch events, there’s a form you can fill out below. In the meantime be sure to Live, Love and Laugh a Lot!

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