Google Hangouts for Changemakers

Google Hangouts for Changemakers

Why You Need To Use Google Hangouts To Get Your Message Heard, Build A Massive Following & Change The World

As changemakers we often experience difficulty getting noticed, building a following, having  influence and getting our message out to millions, without spending millions like the big guys.  And if you’re looking at building your world changing business on the internet, or at the very least use social media to build a following or client base, you’ll know it’s getting harder and harder to compete with those big guys.

Yet if we’re not visible delivering our all important message to the world, the world remains the same and we never reach mission accomplished.

Google Hangouts is the unsung hero for changemakers because the big guys aren’t on there in a meaningful way – yet. Now is the time to climb on board and learn how to use this platform to become a thought leader in your niche almost overnight, and build a following. Best of all you can set up any offering or message you have on autopilot so anyone, anywhere, any time can follow you, purchase your products and services and grow your social business.

What Is A Google Hangout?

There are two types of Google Hangouts, Hangoutsand Hangouts on Air. Hangouts can be used for friends, family and group coaching in much the same way you’d use Skype Conference. Google Hangouts on Air, which is what changemakers want to be using, is a live broadcast to the masses.

Google Hangouts on Air is a great alternative to expensive webinar solutions plus your Google Hangout on Air is automatically broadcast live to both your Google+ home page and YouTube channel for the world to see.

Interesting Facts About Google Hangouts

Would it surprise you to know that President Obama has used Hangouts to interact with people on policy, and answer direct questions. He’s not the only politician building a following on Hangouts. Here are some other interesting facts to consider:

1.    There are currently 1.1 billion Google+ Accounts and growing;

2.    63% of the audience is male which makes this a great platform to build your male following;

3.    53% of Google+ users have an income over $60,000 making them wealthier than most Facebook users;

4.    The Google+ Hangouts work with Google Translate to make multi-language communication possible instantly. Skype doesn't support this, nor does the new Facebook Video Calling.

5.    Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) joined Google+ just after its launch and he has more followers than Larry Page (founder of Google), who currently has the second most followers on G+;

6.    56% of users are aged between 45-54;

7.    The top 7 countries users come from in order

a.    USA 5.3 million

b.    Brazil 620,000

c.    Taiwan 510,000

d.    The biggest reason India 2.8 million

e.    UK 860,000

f.     Canada 850,00

g.    Germany 710,000

why you would want to jump on board with Google Hangouts, is that it is the fastest way to get your message out to the world, and hence it can have the potential to speed up the creation of a better world!

Continuing on with my Ask The Mission Mentor free series of coaching hangouts, I’ve asked Lisa Engles, the GURU of Google Hangouts for Visionary Leaders, to come spill the beans on how to use this social media platform to get noticed and build a massive following by being yourself, delivering your message anytime, anywhere to anyone in the world.

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