Having the Confidence to Live Your Life Purpose

life purpose

by Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor

In all my years of meeting members of my audiences, working privately with clients and speaking socially with people I have not found an exception to this idea – Within each of us is a seed that contains the answer to someone’s problem and sometimes even answers to the world’s biggest problems. It doesn’t matter what education you may have had or not had, what your skills and talents are, how much money you have or don’t have, if you had an advantaged or disadvantaged up-brining this seems to be true. Within you lies a mission that can change this world and make it a better place. That mission lies deep within those clues your Soul leaves you and deep within your purpose. In fact it’s the meaning behind your purpose. The purpose of your purpose so to speak.

Let me explain.

Roger is a new dad. He’s also a life guard and makes sure swimmers and surfers have someone to look out for them. If anyone get’s into trouble he’s there to save them. To many he’s a hero. But he feels there’s something more meaningful for him to do. He has a higher purpose and some mission to fulfil. He wanted to know what kind of job to look for that would fulfil his higher purpose as he didn’t see himself as an entrepreneur going into business for himself. He didn’t know how to do that, so that wasn’t an option for him at the time. Roger is also one of my mentoring clients and a course participant and graduate of my Mission Blueprint online course.

Through a self discovery process we went through together, we found out from the clues his Soul had been leaving him, that his reason for being here was to be a role model for young boys and young men, helping them through their right of passage into adulthood. It is no accident his first born is a baby boy. He get’s to be a role model first for his son. We also discovered that he was independent and that his Soul has been pointing him in the direction of going into business himself as a coach for young boys and men. He had not been able to join the dots of the clues that had been left for him because he was blocked with a lack of self confidence. He did not have the confidence he could go out on his own and survive, because he didn’t know how to do that.

We removed that block, came up with a plan for him to make his transition then worked on how he was going to put together his new business. It turns out there’s a bright idea deep within his Soul’s clues that could build him a multi-million dollar business should he choose to go down that path. This business will have a ripple effect not only the lives of the boys he will serve, but their families and society at large. Roger will significantly make the world a better place by carrying out his new purpose, he already is making it a better place by saving lives. But if he steps up to the higher purpose and the big mission that sits there in his purpose – world watch out. We’ve heard a lot about Girl Power over the past few decades… we’re about to learn about Boy Power.

What’s great about Roger’s life story is that it demonstrates so perfectly how feeling under confident about ourselves can block our purpose and mission from being fully realized. It’s also a story that demonstrates what I see all the time, that deep within our purpose and mission at the Soul level, is also a bright idea that can adequately, if not handsomely, monetize your mission so you can carry it out with greater influence. You don’t have to be stuck in a volunteer role or charity work, getting paid low to no salary in order to make a big difference.

You have been provided for by your Soul leaving you clues as to how you can handsomely get paid within the monetary system we live in today, live on purpose, fufillment your mission, create a better world and live a life of happiness and contentment. Nothing has been left out of your life plan. It’s a magnificent plan and you step into your magnificent self when you live that plan.

Roger, by being about his purpose and mission, is changing the lives of young boys and men, changing the dynamics of the family, changing the dynamics of adodlesence society and therefore changing the world in his unique way.