How to Make Money by Making a Difference

How to Make Money by Making a Difference

Social Entrepreneurship the New Way to Monetize Your Purpose

The huge surge in people seeking greater meaning and purpose to their working life, over the past decade, has given rise to the modern day phenomenon Social Entrepreneurship. Millenials are 80% more like to create a business that will drive social change, than baby boomers who would start a charity of foundation instead.  Making money by making a difference rather than just working to pay your bills, or for the sake of money, is the new trenddriving a more heart centred economy into existence.

Purpose Driven People Often Struggle With Money

Yet the majority of purpose seekers who come to me in search of building their business around their Higher Purpose, struggle to find the way to both find their purpose and then link it to financial prosperity. Sometimes they don’t even believe that’s possible. The struggle to marry purpose an prosperity can be overcome when we firstly, know where to look within your purpose for clues to monetize; and secondly, accurately monetizing that mission for today’s emerging heart centred economy.

Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow Right?

Accurately monetizing for purpose and prosperity is imperative if you want to realize your desired results and reach your goals. If you’re not accurately monetized, then the success you’re looking for will elude you. And by success I mean getting what you want. Struggling financially, even when you’re on purpose and doing what you love, takes the joy out of your purpose filled life. It’s not supposed to be that way if you’re on purpose right? If you do what you love the money will follow – isn’t that what’s supposed to happen?

Unfortunately, “it ain’t necessarily so”.

One of the keys to accurate monetization is locating your precise Personal Mission.

When I discovered this for myself it gave me the clearest direction to accurately monetize my life’s work. Within a very short period of time I broke the six figure glass ceiling, became a 3 time international best selling author and began to see phenomenal results in my business.

Finding Your Personal Mission

Having a personal mission is what gives you the sense there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing? That’s your personal mission contained within your over all purpose for being here. Your personal mission is the key. Don’t look to what you think your purpose is in hope of accurately monetizing your Life’s Work. It’s part of it, but the critical factor missing for most people struggling to live on purpose and in financial prosperity, is that they have not found the precise thing they’re here to do (personal mission), and they’ve monetized the wrong activity, focusing instead on something that won’t bare fruit. Hence, they struggle to reach fruition in their business or mission.

How Do You Make Money From That?

I hear people say all the time, “I love what I do but it doesn’t pay enough”, or “I know what I  would love to do, but how do you make money from that”. The distinction that I’ve made is that you don’t look to monetize your purpose. Perhaps because your purpose has to do with the being aspect of why you are here, while your personal mission has to do with the doingness of your purpose. You look for the specific thing you’re here to do, and this gives you the greatest clarity of direction. Plus, knowing your Personal Mission provides clues to answer the question, “How do I make money from that”.

Social Entrepreneurship and the Heart Centred Economy

I think we are living in a great time of opportunity where you can monetize just about anything, making a difference, living on purpose and making more money without compromising your Soul. Look at Kid President, Blake McKroskie of Toms, and Matt Harding of, “Where the Hell is

Matt” fame, as an example. They’ve taken the concept of monetizing their mission to such heights, it’s inspiring. Imagine a world where everyone was making money by making a difference, inspiring others, rather than just working to pay the bills?

Create Something That Will Make The World Awesome

You, like everyone else, were born to make a big difference and you can make that difference making the money you deserve by locating your precise personal mission, then looking to  monetize that. So in the words of Kid President – Come on adults – let’s not be boring. Let’s, “get out there” and, “Create something that will make the world awesome!” fulfilling the very reason why we were born – achieving our Personal Mission.

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