Maximize Your Irresistible Collaboration Offer

Attraction is a key element to business. You’ll either be a magnet and others will seek and find you or you won’t. You will have to continuously find and sale them whether clients or collaborators.

As women entrepreneurs, you like the security of sitting behind your computer finding those that are interested in your product or service. Especially now, with the use of social media as a marketing tool and so many entrepreneurs electing to have a home based business and being successful.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having a home-based business and doing some of your marketing on the Internet using social media.

I started and grew my home-based business to $7,000,000 before I elected to get an office. Found out didn’t like it so well and I’m now home based again. Yet, I did most of my marketing by going out meeting people face to face, connecting, having conversations, and building relationships.

The point is you can have a successful home based business and make millions of dollars or whatever your magical number, but you still must get out and connect with people face to face.

Whether you’re looking for a new client or collaboration partner, going out and building relationships is key. And because most women entrepreneurs are not comfortable or have more time constraints because of children and family, I wanted to share how you can use your ‘Irresistible Collaboration Offer’ to attract partners.

Here are three ways you can use your ‘Irresistible Collaboration Offer’ in your marketing to attract partners.

Short Bio – You can use your bio when seeking speaking engagements. More often than not the host of the radio show, tele-summit, or event leader will need your short bio for print and for when introducing you.

Service Provide – If you go out networking, to events, or even in general conversation the question always come up ‘so what do you do’? You can use this for your elevator speech and two second commercial.

Partnership Possibilities – In your offer package, you will have laid out several ways you’d like to work with potential partners. Just having this one step done will allow you to easily answer the question, “How do you see this partnership happening?”

You’ll be able to take this one tool and use it for multiple purposes in your business.

Your assignment is to create you ‘Irresistible Collaboration Offer’ using the seven key ingredients I shared on the tele-class, Collaboration Rx – Your prescription to building relationships that are mutually beneficial and outrageously profitable – Booster Shot. If you don’t have the complete list, I invite you to the next tele-class. You can go to to find out more information about future dates.

Share your thoughts about this article along with your short bio and the service you provide by clicking this link, sharing my thoughts. You never know whose reading this article or where your next collaboration partner will develop. If you liked this article, share it with a friend.

Felicia Streeter, MBA, know as the Million-Dollar Mentor, is the CEO of Dream4self International, works with minority and women entrepreneurs teaching them how to build powerful networks, gain more experience, and expand their resources so that they can get more clients, contracts, and cash. Find her online at, on Twitter @feliciastreeter, on Facebook at @dream4self1, and LinkeIn at @feliciastreeter.