Learn How to Recognize Your Soul’s

Many Clues for Your Purpose & Mission,

So You Can Live an Inspirational Life

Making the Difference You Were Born to Make


In this straight to the point, powerful mini course of Self Discovery you will:

  • Discover the reason why you are here.
  • Find out what your Soul’s unique message might be.
  • Uncover your soul’s clues to what your purpose and mission are.
  • Learn the top five words you need to use to achieve your mission in life.
  • Begin to connect with your passion in life.

With Nicola Grace
The Mission Mentor

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You’re going to LOVE this training, especially if you…

  • You want to make a difference but you’re not sure how.
  • You’re on purpose but you want to make sure you’re on track.
  • You know you have a purpose you just need clarity on what it is
  • You feel driven to do something big with your life, and you’re not sure where to start

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Nicola Grace
The Mission Mentor