Lesson Four Mini Course

Lesson 4: Discover What Your Soul Buzz Words Say About You, Your Passion & Why You Are Here

Congratulations! You’ve made it to lesson four. In today’s lesson in Discover Why You Are Here, we’re going to start joining the dots of all the clues your Soul has left you about why you are here. In the audio file I will walk you through this process so you can:

* Gain insight into your primary life purpose expression
* Find the clues that point to your mission
* Find the key messages you were born to communicate
* Discover your passion hidden in your Soul Buzz Words

There is a worksheet plus an audio mentoring session here for this lesson.

Download the PDF worksheet and then listen to the audio as I will walk you through how to deep dive into each of themes you came up with in lessons 1-3 to find your Soul Buzz words.
Download the PDF worksheet here.

The audio session will open up in a new window for you to listen to. If you have any technical difficulties please contact our support team at support at themissionmentor.com. Relax your mind and enjoy! 🙂 Listen to the audio here:

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How To Draft Your Life Path Vision Plan

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