Do You Feel Like You Have Something Big To Do, But You're Not Sure What It Is? Want To Find Your Mission In Life, And How To Start Doing What You're Here To Do?

Hi there,

If you want to find your personal mission and meaning in life using a proven formula, you’re in the right place.

  • You might be feeling stuck or frustrated, searching for that thing you know you’re here to do, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.
  • Or you thought you were on your life mission, following your life purpose but then everything turned to custard and now you doubt yourself.
  • You may have read countless books on purpose, paid thousands of dollars for courses, and still lack clarity and direction in your life.

You might even be feeling a little despondent because your life just isn’t going to plan.

“I can show you how to accurately read the clues to your life purpose and mission that YOUR  Soul has left you, then design your life path and mission plan so YOU can’t get it wrong this time…”


Nicola Grace - Your Mission Mentor

Part of my personal mission in life is to is to solve world problems by helping difference makers and purpose driven people like you, find their purpose and life mission , so together we can be happy, creating a better world.

In my twenty years of speaking, educating and facilitating transformation, here’s what I am absolutely convinced of; each of us is born with a higher purpose and personal mission to achieve in life. When you Step UP to find that mission and do the very thing you were born for, through a mathematical phenomena called ‘The Butterfly Effect’ YOU make a BIG DIFFERENCE that creates a better world, and leaves a legacy you can be proud of.

You also live a fulfilling life filled with joy and ‘job’ satisfaction, only your ‘j o b’ is Joyful Opulent Balance”.

Simply Stated – Your Life Matters! Your Life Mission Is Where Your  True Wealth And Prosperity Can Be Found!

But here’s what I’ve found – the majority of clients who come to me lack clear direction. Most clients don’t feel in control of that direction, or their life. Many clients lack the confidence to take the steps toward their purpose and mission in life. Very few clients understand what their Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities are, and how important they are to their success and happiness. Nearly ALL clients coming to me are stuck on the “HOW” of transitioning from where they are now, to where they want to be.

This lack of clarity, confidence and ‘how’, is precisely why I designed Mission Blueprint – The Online Home Study Program That Designs Your Life Mission RIGHT From The Start.

In Mission Blueprint you will:

  • Gain deeper understanding and finer distinctions on your higher purpose, personal mission and Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities, so you can laser focus your efforts to get the best results;
  • Clearly map out the path forward that leads to your greatest success and sense of achievement;
  • Build your confidence so you know with certainty you have what it takes to do the very thing you were born for;
  • Move from stuck to picking up momentum, so you can  gracefully transition from your life as it is now, to living your purpose and being about your personal mission;
  • Learn how to set goals that easily help you expand beyond your subconscious mind comfort zone, so you don’t get stuck on a treadmill of limiting patterns, and your life begins to happen by your highest self’s design;

PLUS develop a greater connection and relationship with your Soul, the deepest part of your being that enlivens you, feeds you with higher wisdom, so you can learn to rely on your own personal guidance and wisdom.

Mission Blueprint is not only a proven formula for you to find your mission, it’s a comprehensive ‘Self Discovery’ program that helps you find yourself and strengthen your relationship with your  Soul – that part of you that contains your life blueprint for your highest outcomes and guaranteed success.

In just a few weeks, you’re going to walk away with:

  • Knowing what your life path is so you have clear direction forward
  • A formula for communicating with your Soul, you can use to get guidance for the rest of your life
  • Your top 4-5 Expression Modalities that lead you to your highest outcomes and greatest success
  • The best words to use in marketing your ideas, mission, products or services that create your personal magnetism and influence
  • Your personal gift you were born to give the world
  • Your personal message you were born to deliver
  • Your personal mission statement and vision statement
  • A goal setting system that leverages the power of your mind and Laws of Nature, to go fetch the very things you need to bring about your life on purpose
  • Your life aims, objectives and goals clearly defined in language that helps you manifest them on time, and even ahead of time
  • A comprehensive Life Path Plan (like a business plan) that provides a compass for you to get on track and stay on track
  • Greater confidence you can and do make a big difference
  • Practical steps you can take immediately to get on with doing what you were born for
  • A better understanding of the meaning of your life
  • Knowledge of where you fit in to the big scheme of things
  • A method to discover what is holding you back, and how to remove the blocks to gaining the momentum and success you desire
  • A clear action plan that maps out easy and doable steps, that lead you to the accomplishment of your goals.


Once I got into the course, I loved, loved, loved it. I loved Nicola’s speaking style. It’s friendly, open and fun.With my NLP background, the unconscious mind is one of my pet interests, so I loved how the processes get you to delve into the unconscious mind, uncovering clues to how I’ve been holding myself back. It’s so important, in moving forward to expose the learnings from past experiences and maximize them. This course is helping me do this.I’m excited about my future and what it holds. Mission Blueprint began to give me clarity within the first half of the very first module. This is great value and a great investment in yourself. Nicola is fun and relaxed makes me feel at ease and cared for.I highly recommend this program to anyone who has been struggling with their purpose and meaning in life. It’s a decision you will be glad you made.Jacleen Allen, Energy Healer/Life Coach


A big thank you Nicola for the Mission Blueprint. Prior to doing your course I had thought that I was living on purpose and that I was moving with confidence in the right direction.Through the course I have been able to reaffirm that this is indeed the case yet you have given me distinctions and even greater clarity to be able to prioritise and really focus both my attention and intention.You are so  generous with your information Nicola that I now understand very clearly why certain things are the way they are – and that helps me to plan and focus to get the very best results moving forwards.Ruth Thirtle, Business Results Catalyst


From Uncertainty To Clarity In Just 14 Days

Let’s get you on your personal mission, so you can change more lives, do the work that makes you excited to get up each morning, and puts a smile on your face when you go to bed at night.

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Discover What You Are Here To Do is an in depth look at why you were born to make a difference, and how you can make a difference. It’s the perfect compliment to the Mission Blueprint Home Study Course.

You’ll be able to listen to the MP3’s of me reading the book, or read the ebook version, plus use the manual to gain more insight into the very thing you were born to do, learn more about your Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities and how they lead you onto the path of greatest fulfilment and reward – PLUS how you can make a difference in the world.

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Ebooks – Subliminally Enhanced Audio – Manuals
of the 3 Secret Master Keys that has made a million millionaires including “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill

Discover the world within you and gain power over your mind, life and happiness by learning how to master the most powerful creative tool in the world – Your subconscious mind. You’ll learn how to increase the clarity and focus of your thinking, develop keener senses, tap into inspirational thinking and strengthen your intuitive connectedness.

You’ll also discover the causation of every bad thing that has ever happened to you so you can set your self free from it’s clutches. The 24 Secret Master Keys is the course that Napoleon Hill of “Think and Grow Rich” accredits his success to. Now you can learn these first few lessons from his mentor – for FREE!

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2 x Webinars Creating Winning Mission Strategies That Help You Achieve More With Less Effort Leveraging The Undefeatable Laws of Nature

In these two information packed webinars you’ll discover – The Law of Nature that explains why most missions fail and how you can make your mission undefeatable when you align to this Law! – Where to find the confidence you need to achieve big missions. – How to create rock solid marketing plans that go to work for you using the Laws of Periodicity, Growth, Creation and Mass Attraction. – How to tap in the Genius Databank to find answers, solutions and bright ideas. PLUS PLUS PLUS – How you alert your mind to make things happen for you so you can eliminate fruitless effort and avoid burn-out.

Super Duper Big Bonus Valued at $500 –

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Receive a private mentoring and Visionary Mastermind session for 1.5 hrs, with me valued at $500. In this session I’ll help you:

  • Gain absolute clarity on your Soul’s Blueprint for the life that will lead you to the greatest success;
  • Ascertain how to properly monetize your purpose and personal mission;
  • Clarify your direction and look at what the first profitable steps are for you to take;
  • PLUS help you find your multi-million dollar idea within your purpose so you can not only live a life of meaning, but get handsomely paid for it.
  • Lead you to the right resources to get you firmly on your life path.

Total value with bonuses and special offers $1,798

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 How To Avoid Failure and Struggle

There are three main reasons people fail:

  1. They’re not doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. They’re off purpose in a small or big way or they are following someone elses plan for their life at the expense of their Soul’s plan.
  2. They don’t deal with limiting beliefs, fears, resistance to change and self sabotage gets in the way, holding them back from living the life they want.
  3. They’re on purpose but not fully utilizing the power, leverage and magnetism of their Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities, being slightly off the mark to begin with the further they go the more off track they become.

Mission Blueprint solves each of these problems for you. You will have a formula that will help you identify and clear blocks, so you can keep successful momentum in life, instead of falling short of your goals, or getting stopped in your tracks feeling despondent and wanting to give up.

Get On Track Stay On Track &

Turbo Charge Your Way

To Joyous Opulent Balance!


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Complete Peace-of-Mind 100% Guarantee!

I am completely confident you’ll LOVE this program and find your mission, purpose and success expression modalities plus a whole lot more! In fact, I am so confident that I’m including a complete peace-of-mind 100% money-back guarantee! Enjoy the recorded mentoring sessions and work through the formula of the first modules for 30 days, apply the strategies you learn inside, and If you feel the program is not delivering what we say it is, we’ll refund your investment! You can just send an email to my personal assistant support @ the mission mentor .com and she’ll refund your money!

Nicola Grace
The Mission Mentor

P.S. This is NOT just another series of interviews! It’s a highly focused training and Self Discovery Program for people who are tired of struggling and are ready to live a life on purpose doing exactly what they came here to do! I personally walk you through each step of the Self Discovery process and designing your life according to your purpose and life mission. You’ll LOVE this program or your money back!

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