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Nicola’s Private Mission Mentoring Program For Soulful Entrepreneurs and Agents of Change

“Helping soulful entrepreneurs and change agents achieve their mission to change the world, using “Strategy With Spirit” and the Undefeatable Laws of Nature”

Got a Very Important Mission and have an urgent need for an inspired solution and winning strategic plan?


nicola grace mission mentor 2 Action Taker BonusDear Fellow Change Agent (Yes YOU my friend!),

I’m on a mission to teach change agents the Ten Step MASTER PLAN I used to save a billion dollar change agent industry from ruin, make history and win an award for my actions – all while being told it was impossible and living with a diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma. I know that if I can achieve my mission to make changes in the world and make history against such insurmountable odds, YOU CAN ACHIEVE your BIG Vision for Change too! You just need a winning strategy.

I’m Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor and I want to help you get cracking with your bright and bold ideas for positive change we all want to see in the world. IT’S TIME… don’t you think

My Master Plan that saved a billion dollar industry  made history not because I’m any different from you, but because I simply stepped up to do the very thing I was born to do, every thing else fell into place from there. That’s what made the plan invincible.

I worked with a strategist who use to consult to Fortune Five Hundred companies to help me shape my strategy into a duplicatable strategic step by step, paint by numbers system which has become known today as my Ten Step MASTER PLAN to achieve your mission.

When I looked back and examined why I had been so successful with my mission for change – how I worked on a budget of just $45,000 to defeat the opposition with an official budget of $18,000,000, – when so many other better resources change agents had failed, it really was my “Strategy With Spirit” approach that was the critical success factors.

Here’s me to the right, with the award I was given by the Industry I helped save with my plan. When I took those successful steps out into the business world and worked with other entrepreneurs and organization leaders, I began to see consistent results for them too. That is when I knew I was on to something.

This MASTER PLAN is what I was born to give to the world, not only to achieve my great vision for humanity but to help others with grand plans and missions to transform our world and make it a better place for all. You have something you were born for too. When we find that, infuse it into your mission plan and combine your unique gift and talents with my unique offering – well – we can create magic and inspire others to help bring about our greatest vision and positively transform this world.

My mission in life is to transform the world by helping agents of change achieve their mission. The ripple effect of people being on purpose and fulfilling the very reason they came here, is the world we all dream of living in. That’s because working Strategy with Spirit taps into the Universal Divine Plan for the elevation of life experiences of all humanity including the planet and it’s myriad of inhabitants.

My professional mission is that the people that are praying for your solutions get them so they can live a better life, that they not only find out about you, but the get to experience the change you effect in the world. An to do that you need to be empowered with a winning strategy and connection to your inner power and confidence that when you step up you can make it all happen for you and those you serve.

Do You Have A Mission That Would Positively Change The World In Some Way?


Are You Struggling to Make Timely Progress and “ONE OF THESE DAYS” Just Isn’t Good Enough for You?

Then I invite you to have a conversation with me about your grand vision and if  my Very Important Mission (VIM) Visionary Mentorship Program is the winning “Dream Team” you’re looking for.

My VIM Visionary Mentorship Program includes:

  1. Your Mission Blueprint pre-work where we find your “Raison D’etre” – what you were born form and other key elements that we will integrate into your actual Mission Plan for change to make it magnetic and invincible.
  2. Your Mission Accomplished, Vision Achieved online home study program that mentor’s you through each of the Ten Step MASTER PLAN to design your winning strategy and marketing plan then learn how to work with the Undefeatable Laws of Nature to drive your mission to victorious outcomes.
  3. A VIM day with me, in person if we’re in the same town, or on Skype where I can share with you the final details of the strategies I used to save a billion dollar change agent industry.
  4. 6 one-on-one Visionary Mastermind sessions with me to go over every inch of your own winning Ten Step Master Plan. I’m holding your hand while you get out there and start making that vision of yours a reality.

The VIM Visionary Mentoring program is a hands on, role your sleeves up, let’s get to work mentoring and visionary program. You’ll be achieving your mission milestones along the way. This isn’t a learn and then implement. It’s an implementation strategic action oriented program right from the very start.

Do you think you could get to your end-game faster if you had a dream team and visionary mastermind starting today?

If you’re ready to have a conversation about how I can take you from mission possible (or impossible) to mission accomplished, complete the form below:

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