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My Coaching and Mentoring Packages

Where would you be in 3-6 months time if you had Consistent Guidance, helping you get through “stuff”, so you could Achieve Your Purpose more efficiently?

It’s commonly reported that Life Coaching is Life Changing. Add to that Visionary Mastermind sessions, where we can see into the future and make any necessary adjustments to make sure you get your desired outcomes, and you have a successful formula for graceful transformation.

The attached brochure is a list of the Visionary Mastermind and Mentoring Packages I have for those serious about making positive changes in their life and achieving what it is they came here to do.

The majority of my clients work with me over Skype. I can do by phone and of course in person.

Author Expert Marketing Machines
This is the mentoring program I have been through myself, which has been what has put me on the map as an internationally best selling author, making money from my writing. I’ve worked with the mentors, Mike Koenigs and Paul Calligan, of this program for a year now and they give such great value, their program is the only one I recommend.
When you sign up using the link here, you will receive 4 free videos that give you an overview of how to become an expert in your niche and best selling author that makes money from your books. There is a lot of valuable information in the free videos.
If you decide to join the mentoring program, as I did, you will learn how to put together a program that not only helps you publish your book on Amazon and other places, but also how to make a living off of your status as an author.  The ongoing membership support is invaluable as it not only gives you updated trainings, but the community support is fantastic.
You never have to feel like you are alone in your new venture as there is always someone who can answer your questions and point you in the right direction.
Click visit the link below to learn more about this – be sure to sign up for their free video series on how to become an expert in your field with video.
Blogging Resources
Denise Wakeman is one of the top experts in building a blog and setting it up to monetize your writings. Scower her blog, she has lots of post on how to set up your blog, get visibility, and turn your blog posts into kindle books you can sell online.
WordPress is the best blogging platform out there. It doesn’t cost anything to set up, though you will need to pay for a domain name and webhost. I use and recommend Hostgator.
You can also Google or YouTube search for anything you want to know or learn. There is lots of free stuff out there about how to blog, set up a wordpress blog and monetize your blog.
Learn Internet Marketing for Free
The Challenge is a free online training course that shows you how to make your first $1 online in just 30 minutes a day, for 30 days. It is one of the most comprehensive beginner internet marketing trainings I’ve used.
You’ll learn how to set up your wordpress blog, how to use social media, how to do keyword research, how to drive traffic to your blog or website. It’s a video training, so you just watch the videos and follow the instructions.
Video Marketing
Here are some video making and marketing resources that I know and trust.
Author Expert Marketing Machines mentioned above have a great “big picture” free course. Their newsletter is also worth following. Visit this website to get the free video series on how to become an expert in your field with video.
YouTube Strategies Kindle Edition or Ebook is a great place to learn more marketing your videos so people see them.
WordPress Video Optin is a wordpress theme with videos on how to make a video blog. I purchased it myself for $27 I think. You can see my video blog at
To create a wordpress site or blog you’ll need a webhost, domain name and and to upload wordpress to your host, then upload the theme above –  WordPress Video Optin and create your site according to her video training. If that all sounds like a foreign language to you, here are some videos to watch on YouTube to give you an overview.
How to build a website with WordPress and HostGator
I personally use HostGator as the technical support is immediate. I also do not use Australian hosts because they cost too much, offer too little and give no real support. Very frustrating to deal with.
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