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August 2012 Issue

Creating A Magnetic Mission Plan That Can Change The World

Here’s a tip for you this month, right out of my Ten Step Master Plan to Achieve Your Mission and Vision for change – Write a magnetic mission plan and statement that has Soul and you’ll begin to see the difference you make is the change you see in the world. What do I mean by that?

A “magnetic mission plan” or mission statement is crafted carefully and deliberately so it has its own magnetism that magnetizes to you the people, places, resources and events you need to help you carry out your mission for change and see that change in your life time.

Many change agents and soulful entrepreneurs struggle to see the change they effect within their life time. But the times, as they say, they are a changing. This is because we know more about the laws that govern our physical universe today. We know more about quantum physics and the laws of mind, creation and manifestation. The movie “The Secret” is out and so is the Secret Law of Attraction. Entrepreneurs are using this law to manifest to them wealth and success, life partners and bigger houses.

My mantra is “Why not use that Law to change the world?” – And you do that by infusing your personal mission to make a difference with a magnetic mission plan. That is How to Change The World with Soul. Here’s what I’ve discovered –
When you communicate your precise Soul message in your mission plan (the one you came to this world to deliver), you engage mighty forces that you can’t see. Your mission plan becomes magnetic to the resources you need to accomplish your dream vision for change in the world. You’re Soul’s message is also what gives you personal magnetism to help you influence those you need to influence to bring your vision into reality. Think of it as ‘Pain and Pleasure Island’ marketing meets ‘The Secret Law of Attraction’ and then some…

Most people have a sense they have something to say that would make a difference in the world and could even change it is big or small ways. Most people even have ideas about how to make the world a better place – if only “they” would listen to you right?. Your Soul’s message is just one of the ways you can gain the influence you need to do exactly that – influence people enough to listen to you and support you in bringing your vision into reality.

Your Soul’s message carries a resonance in the form of what I have called ‘Soul Buzz Words’ – the buzz bit is my way of indicating activation is occurring, much like when a buzzer goes off we generally spring into some type of action or reaction. So a Soul Buzz Word then is a Soul Activation Word. It activates both you and the other Souls that will join you on your mission to – well – ACT! Every change agent knows that taking action is what is lacking in so many aspects of our world – and taking right action at that.

A Soul Buzz Word also has a resonance that is magnetic and therefore forms your magnetic mission words. When you’re able to extract your precise Soul’s Buzz Words, infuse them into your mission plan, mission statement and marketing messages, you’ll be bringing elements of your Soul’s unique message to the world, engage those mighty forces and magnetize to you the resources you need to make your vision a reality. Then all you need do is get out of your own way and on the right path to drive your mission across the finish line.

This is how we change the world with Soul – by adding our Soul’s message and buzz words to everything we do. We live in our Soulful mission. It’s where our personal power lies. Stick with me on this even if it’s a bit out there for you because this is key to how I saved that billion dollar company from ruin. When you add your Soul’s message and magnetic buzz words to your mission plan you have begun the process of Soul to Soul communication.

When you communicate Soul to Soul with either an individual or large groups of people who are opposing your idea, or being unhelpful, or are helpful and you need to enlist their support – you’re bypassing the human “mind-field” where all objections come from. Would that be a great skill to have? If you’re struggling to influence people with your bright ideas for change in the world or finding it difficult to enlist clients to work with you on the very thing you came here to do to make a difference, you might want to try adding magnetic power words into your mission plan, mission statement, your speech and your mission marketing.

This is just one of three ways you can make your mission plan magnetic and magnetize to you the people, places, resources and events you need to bring your mission for change into manifestation. I have a free webinar coming up that will outline the other points on how to make your mission plan and statement magnetic as well as giving you the 3 WATTS you need to use to power your mission, find inspired solutions and make things happen. If you haven’t registered yet visit Ten Step Master Plan and I’ll see you on the webinar.

Creating Profitable Videos To Attract More Clients

It’s always fascinating to see how healers, sole traders, entrepreneurs and authors attract more clients and gain more credibility!

Some use cold calling as their method of choice while others spend money on ads. An then there are those who use networking or have become masters of Social Media. Some have even hired Search Engine Optimization firms to help them get at the top of the search engines. Others have formed solid alliances with other marketers that allow them to tap into a large pool of potential clients.

These are all great methods, but there is a much more effective way of attracting more clients to your business. A few savvy entrepreneurs have been quietly leveraging the power of video marketing to attract IDEAL clients.

You see, contrarily to other methods, which force you to chase after clients, video is a powerful strategy that allows your ideal clients to come to you. When you combine the power of video with the reach of a video sharing platform like YouTube, you can really open yourself up to attracting a LOT of clients ready and willing to buy your products or services.

The simple fact of adding a high-quality/high-value video on your homepage can propel your website to the first page of Google. Getting your website to the top three positions of Google guarantees that your website is exposed to 84% of all Internet traffic for a particular keyword! Since most searches on the Internet are initiated by people looking for an answer or solution to their problems, wouldn’t it be important for you to have videos that invite them to click and allow them get to know you better because you have the answer to their question?

One of the biggest reasons why more entrepreneurs aren’t leveraging the power of video in their business is because they really don’t know where to start! Because of that reason, they often avoid taking action and this in return is costing them in their business.

I hate to break it to you, but it’s critical for you as an entrepreneur to start taking full advantage of this massive marketing shift. We’re right in the middle of a video revolution and if you don’t start getting video to work for your business, you’ll be leaving a lot of profits on the table.

That is why I’m so excited by what my good friend Krizia’s has created. Krizia is offering you her ‘3 Ways You Can Use Video to Attract MORE Clients and Profits’ — a F-R-E-E Online Video Training that will help you discover how to make videos that work for your business! She has been successfully using video to grow her business since 2008!

Krizia (aka Miss K) is an Entrepreneur, Video Marketing & YouTube Marketing Expert, Speaker & International Author! In just a couple of years of having a vision to first create an online beauty magazine and then a health magazine, she was able to sell both of them in May 2011 to American investors for several tens of thousands of dollars.

One of the most valuable assets during the sale was her YouTube channels that had over 200,000 views with a small handful of videos. Since selling her two online magazines, Krizia has launched two online video shows and has interviewed over 140 international guests.

Many of Krizia’s guests have been interviewed by network giants like The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, CNN, Wall Street Journal, The Oprah Show, Larry King Live, Huffington Post, Forbes Woman, O Magazine, Essence Magazine, People Magazine, NBC News, Fox News, The Anderson Cooper Show and many other major newspaper and magazines!

The ‘3 Ways You Can Use Video to Attract MORE Clients and Profits’ Online Training is packed with powerful strategies you can apply immediately in your business in order to attract more clients and more profits!

Here’s the reality, there are entrepreneurs who are seeing some pretty impressive results with video and if you’re not using video in your own business you’re missing out big time!

Here’s the link to watch the F-R-E-E Online Video Training

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