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October 2012 Issue

Nuggets in this Issue

  1. How To Build Your Personal Magnetism and Power In Three Steps

  2. Webinar – Mission To Make A Difference

  3. Winning in Business and Life for Big Dreamers

  4. Update on my New Book, Ready Aim Captivate

  5. My Hero’s ‘Magnum Opus’


But First – This Just In…

From the Desk of Nicola Grace,
The Mission Mentor
October 5th 2012

Wow! Since my return to Australia from Hollywood for the pre-launch of my new book Ready Aim Captivate, life has moved into the fast lane. I celebrated my birthday in Palm Springs, before returning home, sneaking in some much needed R&R. I’m so grateful I took that time off to rejuvenate as my feet have hit the ground flying the day I landed back home.

I’m so excited about this months’ edition of Spiritual Nuggets because I get to reveal more of my Soul’s message to you, no holding back. I lost my voice a few day’s ago and couldn’t speak for a couple of days as I started writing my chapter appearing in the book More, Better along with my hero Mike Koenigs. I had a bit of writers block and found myself holding back from what I really wanted to say, too scared to just come out in the open and spill the beans. Wouldn’t you know it, I lost my voice – literally.

So I started writing the chapter all over again and revealed all. Guess what? Within a few hours of voicing on paper who I really am, what my Soul’s message is and what was really behind my success of saving that billion dollar industry from ruin…. Yeap! My voice started coming back. Funny that.

I thought it appropriate to share with you some of the material I wrote in the chapter of which I will go into much greater detail in next weeks webinar “Mission Accomplished Secrets” the 2nd edition. Be sure to sign up for it if you haven’t already.

In other news I’ve been invited to take part in an exciting telesummit starting next week called “Winning In  Business and Life”. Gee next week sure is a busy one for me. There will be some very powerful presenters giving tips, tools and secrets to Winning Big! It’s a great complimentary series that goes well for those of you joining me in Mission Accomplished, Vision Achieved blueprint bootcamp the following week. More on that further down the page. I’m looking forward to participating in the event.

Thank you to all of you who have been emailing me with your dreams and treasured missions. I feel so positive we are going to make this world such an amazing place to live in because all of you are determined to make a difference and turbo charge your mission so people waiting for your message, product, service, idea… don’t have to wait any longer. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

Enjoy this month’s issue. Be sure to let me know if there is anything I can help you with in achieving your mission and grand vision to make a Big difference in the world.

Live, Love and Laugh a Lot

How To Build Your Personal Magnetism and Power In Three Easy Steps

When you meet someone who is completely congruent you see they radiate a personal power and magnetism. We are attracted to them much more than those people we meet who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk right? When someone is in-congruent they just don’t seem to have the same charismatic magnetism or personal power as those who are. People with congruency also influence us more because they have engendered more of our trust. What we see is what we get.

Do you need to gain more influence so you can achieve more of what you want out of life and business? Could a little more personal magnetism and power help you get to the next level of accomplishing your mission? Stay tuned then because in this article I’m going to reveal some tips right out of my Mission Accomplished, Vision Achieved virtual bootcamp so you can increase your congruency and hence your personal magnetism and personal power to ensure you’re maximizing your potential to reach your desired outcomes.

These three steps from part of the first phase of my Ten Step Master Plan I used to save a billion dollar change agent industry from ruin and make history. They were foundational to my success and have been at the core of why my clients have gone on to achieve their missions. These steps are also critical for you to get right if you want to Manifest Your Most Magnificent Vision without suffering from burn-out and high stress. Those three easy steps are to:

Step One: Define your life mission, purpose, and Soul’s primary expression modalities.

Let me explain those terms first.

Soul – What is the Soul? Some people use Spirit and Soul as interchangeable ideas. This is one of the areas that using terminology incorrectly leads you up the garden path of confusion. The dictionary definition of Soul is “The animating and vital principle in humans, credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity”. So that life force within us comes from Spirit and animates in us through the Soul. The Soul being energy in motion giving off electrical impulses, can communicate to us via our feelings, emotions, resonance or some kind of electrical impulse that also has magnetism and power.

Life Mission – Your mission in life is the very thing you came here to do – the reason you are here. Every single thing in nature has something to do that in the big scheme of things makes a difference and human beings are no exception.

Life Purpose simple means the meaning or reason for your life including the major lessons you’re here to learn, the best way for you to learn those lessons and your soul’s primary expression modalities.

Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities. Your Soul’s purpose is to expand and the primary expression modalities are the forms in which you will expand the most when you express yourself through them. Some modalities of expression for example are to teach, write, sing, play, create, travel, speak, dance, coach, invent, and act. Most people have a primary expression modality with three to four more supporting the first one. For example my primary expression modality is to write and the other three are to educate, speak and travel.

When you know your mission, purpose and Soul expression modalities and you live true to that in life and business, you naturally have personal magnetism, automatic credibility and natural influencing powers because you are congruent with your Soul’s magnetism and power.

Step Two: Align your purpose with your actual mission strategy.

If the role you play within your mission or business is doing something other than what you were born for you’ll have to manufacture the drive it takes to reach your successful outcome, and that can be exhausting. This is one of the core reasons so many agents of change end up exhausted and too burned out to cross the finish line.

Living on purpose in your authentic expression gives you natural and renewable drive, passion and enthusiasm. In my mission to save an industry (and in my current mission to help others make a difference and change the world) I never stepped outside my purpose and Soul’s four primary modes of expression. I was always educating people, politicians, industry members, media and members of the public by either writing or speaking and I traveled the nation to get the job done. That’s all I did, everything else got delegated. I never got tired, I never got sick, and in fact it began my process of restoration to perfect health from Stage 4 Melanoma.

You have probably heard countless stories of people who have had tragedies, gone bankrupt, got sick and said it was the best thing that happened to them, like me. This is because we’re forced to realign to what is important and connect with our real reason for being here. Our life does have a blueprint for our success and highest outcomes. This is the path that has been mapped out for you that gives you the greatest expansion, evolution, joy, happiness, abundance and success. When you wander off down a culder sac only to have to come back to that blueprint path, it’s because you came to a dead end not meant for your highest path of activity.

Has that ever happened to you or someone you know?

Imagine with me that you are walking down another side road which is bumpy, full of prickly bushes, ditches, swamps and unexploded mines. You relentlessly have to deal with one obstacle, disaster or tragedy after another until you realize you’re on the wrong path and you’re getting no where. Now you have to find your way back to the right path. Life circumstances always work to keep pulling you back on track to your life blueprint. The more you ignore those pulls the bigger the impending event awaits you somewhere sometime in your life.

Why not stay on your life blueprint path and stick to it? How much more speed do you think you’d pick up toward your desired destination if you stopped wandering off on distracting paths? Knowing what track you should be on and sticking to it builds magnetism and momentum because you’re not wandering off diffusing the energy that you are building when walking your true path.

Step Three: Magnetize your mission strategy by aligning that with the Undefeatable Laws of Nature.

These are the Laws or principles in physics that govern our physical universe. If your mission statement, your plan and strategy go against The Law of Expansion, The Law of Growth, The Law of Periodicity, The Law of One, you will struggle to get the results you are looking for and you won’t have the magnetism of the Universe working with you.

The Law of Expansion, in particular, was why I was able to defeat an opposition bigger than me, more qualified than me, richer than me and more powerful than me. I knew the Law of Expansion always busts up contraction, constriction, restriction – eventually. As a humanity we are here to expand and evolve. Any mission that seeks to curtail that expansion will ultimately fail in the long run. It was only a matter of time, and that is the Law of Periodicity (Everything has periods of birth, growth, fruition and decline). This is an important concept to grasp because once you master this Law, never again will you get frustrated, experience angst or butt your head up against a brick wall. I’m going to go into how to work with this Law quite a bit in the upcoming Mission Accomplished Secrets 2nd Edition Webinar on Thursday if you want to learn more, sign up here.. It’s completely free.

Aligning with the Law of One is also an important key to overcoming seemingly unsurmountable opposition and achieving the impossible. I never saw the so called opposition or obstacles I faced as a separate entity from me. In the embodiment of the Law of One, at the sub-atomic level where all cells in our body and all atoms in nature are at one with this Universal Creative Intelligence, there is no separation. Therefore there can be nothing that opposes me or my plans when they are aligned to the Universal Laws. They are undefeatable. The same goes for you.

Nothing can oppose you when you embody the idea that you are One with all that lives. When we align to and work with all the Laws of Nature we become as undefeatable as they are. That’s why I call this step in my Ten Step MASTER PLAN – Magnetize Your Mission Accomplished. If you are aligning to what is undefeatable you are also aligned to the eventual accomplishment of your mission, it’s just a matter of time. And remember you can speed up that time by mastering the Law of Periodicity.

So there you have it, three steps to increase your personal magnetism and power as well as magnetize your mission accomplished. The three phases of Step One of in my Ten Step MASTER Plan is why I achieved in six months something an entire industry failed to do in seven years.

I used all the knowledge and power available to me as a whole spiritual being living a human existence. Instead of using only your human body and a small percentage of your brain, why not use all the resources that are available to you?

Millions of people use the Law of Attraction to manifest a great car, hot babe or dude, soulmate, dream home etcetera. All I’m saying is why not use that Law and other Laws of Nature to make a difference, change the world and make it a place we all feel proud to live in? I believe it’s time to fire up on all cylinders of our existence. The world and the people suffering in it could sure use some Soul Power. I think we’ve had enough of abusive power.

What do you say?

Wanna change the world with me?

I have a free webinar coming up this week for people on a mission to make a difference where I outline my entire Ten Step Master Plan and how you can use it to overcome big obstacles and get big results to realize your big vision. Reserve your spot here at this link.

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Winning in Business and Life for BIG Dreamers

My good friend, Annette Lynch knows something about Winning.  She is an Olympian and represented Australia in the 2000 Olympics (beach volleyball) and has gone on to succeed beyond sport as an international speaker, author and success coach.

Annette has invited a unique line-up of experts (including yours truely) to join us in a special tele-series event, simply called “Winning”.  It’s about everything you need to win at playing a bigger game.

This is especially for you if you have an entrepreneur mind and want to achieve big dreams AND make money doing it.

For further details of guests that will be joining us Click Here.

What I love about this series is Annette’s unique questions, to not only understand the strategies of each expert, but to also understand how they managed to WIN in their own business.

It’s a winning formula.  Strategy plus mindset, interview after interview.

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • A little know strategy for always being able to start effective conversations at networking events;
  • How to get in touch with your unique brand to make you irresistable to your clients/customers;
  • How to uncover your own genius to transform your business;
  • Key ingredients for writing your book;
  • How to sell yourself effectively and easily;
  • How to overcome the confusion of social media to get the most out of your social presence

and so much more.

You will get practical steps you can implement in your life immediately with each interview.  Value-packed to make the most of your time.

You won’t want to miss any, it’s free so be sure to sign up early.

Thursday October 11th – 11am US PST / 2pm EST

Progress Report – My New Book

Are you experiencing resistance to your ideas that could positively transform this world?…Do you have an idea that could make a difference but not sure how to make it happen?…If you recognize yourself in any of these questions you’ll want to attend my free webinar where I’ll spill the beans on the EXACT Ten Steps I used to achieve a mission everyone told me was impossible!Join me for these never before revealed Mission Accomplished Secrets 2nd Edition

My New Book with Deepak Chopra and Jim Stovall has a new launch date of January 2013. We start our prelaunch world tour in Sydney Australia December. click here to check out all the details 

Attention Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Experts, Authors and ‘Wanna Be’ Experts and Authors

My hero and mentor, Mike Koenigs, the Internet Marketing “Go to Guy” for Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy, Lisa Sasevich,  Arielle Ford and so on, just made a heroic very public announcement.  Out of an ordeal he has been facing has come his Life Work he now shares with authors, experts, speakers, consultants, coaches, creative persons, small business owners and entrepreneurs, to over come the biggest challenge they all face.

In the video below, Mike shares a secret (and extremely personal) confession about something that has recently happened in his life. Plus he shares with you his new free video series to show you how you can:

  • Start selling your knowledge, not your TIME
  • Make 3x-5x more with less effort
  • Stop being treated like a commodity – and be regarded as the top authority in your niche
  • Achieve Celebrity Status and gain access to people who are normally unreachable and unattainable
  • Better connect with any audience
  • PLUS, I’ll show you how I can promote you in our online store and get you in front of nearly 250,000 people. It’s pretty huge.

Here is the inside scoop…


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