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November 2012 Issue

Nuggets in this Issue

  1. How to Manage Overwhelm In Our Information Overload World

  2. From Struggle To Stress-Free Mission Accomplished, Leveraging The Undefeatable Laws of Nature

  3. Preparing For 2013 – Making Sure You’re Ladder Is Up Against The “Lucky” Wall 

  4. Announcing: The Mission Mentor’s Handbook for Change Agents

 But First – This Just In…

From the Desk of Nicola Grace,
The Mission Mentor
November 21st 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers. Actually it’s great for all of us to remember everything we have to be greatful for. So happy gratitude day everyone!

Another action packed month for me. How bout you?

My month started with the leading business book publishing company I’ve signed on with CelebrityPress sending out the first press release for the book I’m co-authoring “More Better The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Get More Out of Business and Life With Better Results.” I’m really excited about being in the company of their esteemed authors.

The Mission Accomplished, Vision Achieved Bootcamp started and I’m super psyched about more difference makers getting their missions for change underway working with the Undefeatable Laws of Nature.

While I was preparing one of the videos for step two in the Bootcamp, I got so psyched about teaching how to leverage the Laws of Nature to overcome obstacles and get big results, I wanted the whole world to know about it. The second video on the mechanics of how our mind and brain interface with the Laws of Nature to magnetize to us the people, places, resources and events we need to reach out goals was so juicy, I decided to release both these videos from the bootcamp to the general public.

Being a member of my ezine, you get a first look at it for just $5, (3 day limited offer) it’s superbly exciting material and it is LIFE CHANGING. You will learn EXACTLY what you need to do to create the things you want in life and get your mission moving forward post-haste!

And the other news is my new book where I begin to spill the beans on how I saved that billion dollar industry from ruin, is nearly ready for publishing. I’m first going to be releasing it on Kindle just so I can get the information out there as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for the announcement. It’s called The Mission Mentor’s Handbook For Change Agents.

Finally, I have some great articles in this issue… My goodness it’s been an intense month of writing… so be sure to take a read and enjoy!

Live, Love and Laugh a Lot

How to Manage Overwhelm In Our Information Overload World

The number one issue most of my clients have been talking about this month has been overwhelm. They have too much to do, too much coming at them, too much information in their email, too much to implement, that many of them are in what I call “emergency management” not “strategic growth” of their missions. And I know what that is like.

I used to be that way myself until a gentle Soul reminded me that I was creating all those emergencies and “hyper activity” because I was addicted to drama. Ouch….

It might have hurt at the time but it steered me in the right direction of creating strategic growth and creating the reality of a relatively “emergency-free” life. I think in this information overloaded world we live in today, it’s easy to take too much on and end up in overwhelm and managing by going into “hyper-drive” to try and get everything done. We end up getting caught up in the drama of life rather than in the flow of life.

Sheryl Richardson best selling author of Take Time For Your Life said something that has stuck with me and been my mantra all month long. It has been the key to achieving so much this month, staying laser focused while taking time to enjoy my life. I even managed to spend an afternoon meditating with the John of God people too.

“A quality life has much more to do with what you take out of it, than what you put into it”

This past month I’ve had to meet a number of timelines, get a lot done, reduce the number of hours I work (my mentor’s challenge for me) AND reduce my stress levels to please my Naturopath and take care of my health. Impossible you might think. When I look back at the share volume of tasks and goals I’ve achieved this month already, I’m amazed I haven’t arrived toward the end of the month frazzled. Instead I’m just picking up momentum, reaching my mission milestones and I have much more balance in my life than I’ve had all year.

All because I’ve begun to implement strategies on this idea of taking things out of my life rather than putting more into it. Here’s just three things that did this month that have made a difference and increased my productivity levels. They can make a difference for you too…

1: Take out answering email first thing in the morning

I’ve moved answering my emails to mid morning and mid afternoon when I have my afternoon cuppa tea or dandelion chai. My first task in the morning now is the task that requires the most mental focus because it’s my best time of day. I’m a morning person. Answering email first thing takes my mind all over the place.

If I get an email from someone asking something of me, it also distracts me from my days’ plan. Focusing on my most difficult mental task first up, also focuses me for the entire day which increases my productivity. Amazing.

It’s stunning to see how much time reading email constantly throughout the day has been an energy leak and sucks up time, reducing productivity. Especially if the email is not client related and is one of those MUST DO webinars you then have to sign up for. By the time you get back to your main task you often forget what it is then spend time and effort refocusing. What and energy leak!

Take a look at how you answer your email, Facebook messages, text messages or how often you check your answer service.

  1. Can you schedule this during certain times of the day rather than whenever they come into you? This way you can keep laser focus on those tasks that require more of you and will lead you to reaching your goals faster.
  2. Can you schedule your tasks according to your personal cycles of energy so you are performing tasks that require more from you during those peak times you have the most energy?

Reorganizing your schedule according to the Law of Nature called the Law of Periodicity can dramatically increase your results. The Law of Periodicity states that everything happens in cycles of birth, growth, fruition and decline.

  1. Are you scheduling your email when your energy in at it’s peak (fruition) or just beginning (birth) when you could be using that energy to focus on more challenging tasks?
  2. Would it be better if you scheduled email or message gathering and answering during your decline cycle of energy in your day, with your favourite drink?

Observe your energy cycles and adjust according.

2: Take out activities not in alignment with your Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities

I’m big on finding and working in harmony with your Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities. These are the modalities that when you express yourself through you are the happiest, life is easier for you, you feel more fulfilled, you’re on purpose and you get better results in life. My Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities are writing, speaking, educating and travelling. This month, more than ever, I made a commitment to outsource even more of what I do and automate what I can, that is not in alignment with my core expression modalities.

The result! Less stress, happy month, more time for me, greater results with less effort. The good thing about knowing your Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities is that you have an accurate measuring stick of discernment for just about everything – from what direction to go in to what investments of time and money to make, what opportunities to turn down, what opportunities to pounce on, the best way to market your self, products, services or mission, the most efficient way to reach your goals and mission milestones.

This knowledge is much needed and time saving discernment tool. An opportunity comes your way and you simply ask yourself “Is this in alignment with my purpose and my Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities?” if it’s not consider saying “NO!” or outsourcing.

The Law of Nature that works in your life here, to leverage your activities for better results is The Law of Purpose. Everything in nature has a purpose. You are part of nature, so you have a purpose for being here. When you are in proper alignment with all aspects of that purpose you live in harmony with your own life and all that efforting begins to fall away. You don’t take on tasks that will lead you to overwhelm.

You ceise getting side tracked with too much information you don’t really need to help you reach your current goals – you don’t’ hoard stuff saying maybe later I’ll need or use that. We live in an Information Overload world of Abundance. Any time you need some piece of information you can literally reach out and pick it off the ‘technology tree’ the precise moment you need it. It’s called Google or YouTube. Focus instead on the next thing you need to get you to the next level.

So – What’s your purpose? What are your Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities? Do you know yet? When you find them write them down and have them with you at all times on a cue card or business card.

The next time you get offered an opportunity, need to know how you’re going to achieve something, wonder if you should turn down a task or need to know what to outsource, refer to your card… If the opportunity, task, path is not in alignment with your purpose and Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities chances are you’ll struggle to be successful heading in that direction and you’ll want to either outsource it to someone else or pass it up.

This one activity done consistently over the next few months will dramatically change your life, change the results you get and free you up from so much superfluous activity that doesn’t always bare fruit.

If you haven’t already gone through my five day free eTraining on purpose, be sure to here so within the next 24 hours you’ll have a clear understanding of your purpose and Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities, so you can implement this discernment step right away. Here are the details:

So there you have it. If you find yourself with too much on your plate and your in overwhelm think about:

  • What you can eliminate or outsource;
  • Get into the flow of your energy cycle;
  • Organize your day according to the Law of Periodicity; and
  • Your Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities.

Then you’ll soon be in harmony with yourself, on top of your life and mission rather than underneath a mountain of activities trying to catch up.

If you’d like to learn more about working in Harmony with The Laws of Nature so you get better results with less effort check my out my 2 webinars From Struggle To Stress-Free.


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From Struggle To Stress-Free Mission Accomplished, Leveraging The Undefeatable Laws of Nature

While thousands of people around the world have been using the Law of Attraction to manifest the things they desire in life, many of the other Laws of Nature, that can help us live successful, harmonious and productive lives, have been ignored.

Few people understand that there are many Laws of Physics as they are mostly referred to, or Laws of Nature, that provide us with great leverage so we can:

  • Get more results with less work;
  • Reduce the stress in our daily lives;
  • Reduce the frantic activity of having to ‘try to make things work’;
  • Increase our problem solving abilities;
  • Magnetize to us people, places, events and resources that make things happen for us;
  • Overcome seemingly insurmountable odds;
  • With guidance on when to do a task that will reap the maximum return on your investment of time or money;
  • Manifest your goals faster;
  • Mathematically figure out what we need to attract to us our mission outcomes;
  • Gain more influence and greater confidence;
  • Live with more balance in our life;

And that’s not even the tip of the ice burg.

I worked a number of these Laws of Nature to achieve in six months a mission a billion dollar change agent industry was not able to do in seven years. My mission accomplished made history. No one had achieved such a mission before me and no one has done it since me. What was my secret?

Iit was working with these Undefeatable Laws of Nature. It turned out to be the difference that made the difference. It’s a difference that can be the difference for you too. It’s the difference between winning the game for certain, or loosing the game by getting stuck in slow to no progress, because the Laws of Nature never loose. They can’t be beaten.

As I explained in my opening address, while I was preparing the video for Mission Accomplished, Vision Achieved Bootcamp I got so psyched about teaching how to leverage the Laws of Nature to overcome obstacles and get big results and how our mind and brain interface with these Laws of Nature to go to work for us reducing our efforting. It’s so juicy I decided to release the two videos from the bootcamp to the general public in a few weeks for $47.00.

But first I’m letting my “peeps” get a sneak peak for just $5. If you’d like more leverage in your life, more Soul power, greater influence, increased confidence, bigger results with less effort, then you’ll want to check these two webinars out. The offer of $5 is only on the table for the next 5 days, so hurry and secure your place now. This is revolutionary information and LIFE CHANGING.

Make 2013 Your Luckiest Year Ever!

Progress Report – My New Book

Preparing For 2013 – Making Sure You’re Ladder Is Up Against The “Lucky” Wall

The end of the year and the start of a new one is always a good time to revise your life path and its goals, gain clarity on the lessons learned as well as prepare your entire year to be on a sound footing. It’s particularly a grand time to do goal setting and mission planning because according to the Law of Periodicity we are in the decline cycle of the world’s hyper ‘work’ activity and in a more playful jolly mood.

When we’re happy, relaxed and not so frantic we have the head space to take stock of our lives and make sure we are heading in the right direction with the right activities.

In the words of Steven Covey (author 7 Habits of Highly Successful People) – “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster”.

To make 2013 your luckiest best year ever you’re going to need to make sure your ladder is up against the right wall. In other words, are you on purpose doing the very thing you were born to do? If not you just might end up in the wrong place faster.

In a few days I’m going to send you an invitation to join me online to get your ladder up against the right wall. Be sure to watch out for that [Invitation] in your email inbox.

Mission Mentor’s Handbook

I don’t know about you but I’m not prepared to wait for politicians to get their act together to create a better world for us;

I’m not going to bank on the problems of war, human suffering, inequity and social injustice miraculously disappearing after the 21st December 2012.

So I’m on a personal mission to help 100,000 difference makers and agents of change achieve their missions to create a better world with my new book – The Mission Mentor’s Handbook for Change Agents – Creating A Winning Mission Strategy With The Undefeatable Laws of Nature…

Stay tuned…

Attention Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Experts, Authors and ‘Wanna Be’ Experts and Authors

My hero and mentor, Mike Koenigs, the Internet Marketing “Go to Guy” for Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy, Lisa Sasevich, Arielle Ford and so on, just made a heroic very public announcement. Out of an ordeal he has been facing has come his Life Work he now shares with authors, experts, speakers, consultants, coaches, creative persons, small business owners and entrepreneurs, to over come the biggest challenge they all face.

In the video below, Mike shares a secret (and extremely personal) confession about something that has recently happened in his life. Plus he shares with you his new free video series to show you how you can:

  • Start selling your knowledge, not your TIME
  • Make 3x-5x more with less effort
  • Stop being treated like a commodity – and be regarded as the top authority in your niche
  • Achieve Celebrity Status and gain access to people who are normally unreachable and unattainable
  • Better connect with any audience
  • PLUS, I’ll show you how I can promote you in our online store and get you in front of nearly 250,000 people. It’s pretty huge.

Here is the inside scoop…


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