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January 2013 Issue

Nuggets in this Issue

  1. How Aligning To The Law of Purpose Helps You Create Better Results With Less Effort

  2. 7 Secrets to Making Your Networking Amazing – FREE Video Training

  3. The Best of 2012 Blogs and “Strategy With Spirit” ezines

  4. Meet Me In San Diego!

  5. The Secret Master Keys Interview with creator Steve Lockie – The Program That Made Napoleon Hill, Author of “Think and Grow Rich”, Wealthy, Philanthropic and Successful

 But First – This Just In…

From the Desk of Nicola Grace,
The Mission Mentor
January 22nd 2013

Happy New Year!

We’re having a hum dinger of heat wave downunder this summer. You may have heard there are a number of bush fires across the country too. My area is safe because I’m surrounded by rainforest so we’re not so dry. I’m also by the beach, so I have a great escape route if I need it. Other’s have not been so lucky, which is a tragedy, and my thoughts and prayers go out to those families who are suffering right now.

A couple of days before the year end the air conditioner broke and because the ‘tradies’ were all away on holiday it took a few weeks before we had air con again. Working, or doing anything in a heat wave is rather tough and it got me thinking about “effort”. In a heat wave the more effort you apply the harder it is to get through the day. And sometimes it’s the same in business and life. Have you ever applied a lot of effort to a mission and the harder your worked the harder it became? It’s a common experience.

You’ll love the video I made for you this month, because it’s about leveraging the Law of Purpose so you can achieve better results with less effort. I’ve made some great Powerpoint slides to give the visual among you, a picture of the concepts I’m talking about.

This month I also wanted to a couple of friends of mine, Ruth Thirtle the Networking Expert and contributing author along with me for Ready Aim Captivate – PLUS my querky ‘mate’ Steve Lockie, inventor extraordinaire and Secret Master Keys – The Modern Version Creator. Both have some great tools to help you get your year started on the right foot.

One Last Thing!

I’m in San Diego in February to spend some time with my mentor, and work with my American clients on their mission strategies and Life Path Plans. I’ve got a couple of slots left if you want a Visionary Master Mind Sessions, VIM Day or Mission Strategy Planning Session. I’d love to meet you and help you get your Mission on track for 2013. Click Here for more details on that.

I’m off to drink my fourth litre of water before taking a walk along the beach.

Enjoy! Until we meet again…

Live, Love and Laugh a Lot


How Aligning To The Law Of Purpose Helps You Create Better Results, With Less Effort

If you haven’t grabed a copy of my book and the free mentoring session, you can visit Discover What You Are Here To Do. For all the details, and to get started on finding your Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities so you can monetize your purpose correctly and achieve more with less – visit this website now.


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7 Secrets to Making Your Networking Amazing – FREE Video Training

If you are in business, you will have heard that “Your Network is Your Net Worth”, or something similar.

You know you have to meet people and you know that you can do that through networking, but you are not sure about it.

You want to be out there making a difference and sharing your message BUT

  • You may have tried networking and found it to be a waste of time and money;
  • You may be nervous about walking into a room of people and talking about yourself;
  • You may be networking and just not seeing the results that you want from the time and money you are spending.

You are not alone.

I just had to let you know about a free video training series that my great friend and Business Networking Expert, Ruth Thirtle, is offering.

She is giving away her 7 Secrets to Making Your Networking Amazing.

A few short years ago she went to her first networking event – and hated it.
Now she gets well over 90% of her business from networking and speaks to audiences all over the world on effective networking.

I met Ruth in Hollywood last year as we are both featured in the now best selling book Ready, Aim, Captivate! Ruth generates 95% of her business from her networking. That’s astounding!

And there are 3 things I can tell you about Ruth that I have come to know and respect:-

1)    Ruth is a brilliant networker who came away from the Hollywood event with the most contacts.

2)    Ruth walks her talk, and is a living breathing example of what she teaches.

3)    Ruth is down to earth and practical and will give you great no-nonsense advice.

Within the first few hours of meeting her she did one critical thing that has made me think of her often. She shares this and many other secrets to successful networking in her free video training here.

Find out more of Ruth’s story and get her insider tips by going here.

You’ll discover 7 Proven Techniques To Get More Referrals And More Money – Guaranteed!

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Discover What You Are Here To Do

The Secret Master Keys 21st Century Edition – Interview With Steve Lockie

– Creator of the Modern Version of the wealth training program Napoleon Hill himself took.

Q. How did you learn about The Secret Master Keys?

A. When the movie The Secret was released I watched and noticed there were references all the way through to this idea of the Master Keys System. I noticed “The Secret” gave a lot of information about the Law of Attraction but stopped short in a number of areas on how to practically implement it into our lives. So I went to the website so I could see if there was more information and I found a downloadable Ebook called the Master Keys System. So I downloaded it and to my dismay it was written in old English, was very hard to understand, and used old references like horse and ploughs etc. Not particularly relevant.

So I spent a year rewriting the entire manuscript from cover to cover in contemporary English using more modern and relevant examples and references, mainly for me to understand these Keys to manifesting in greater depth. I thought, well if this is valuable for me it might also be valuable for others as well. So I created an Ebook version with 24 Volumes that outlines each of the 24 Master Keys in the original version, only in understandable English.

Q. So who wrote the original version of the Master Key’s System?

A. It was originally written by a man named Charles Haanel. He had been an office boy and studied many of the great thinkers in the New Thought Movement occurring at the end of the 1800’s. He had an idea about growing coffee and sugar in New Mexico and approached several wealthy entrepreneurs with his idea. He ended up running the company with their backing and took that company from nothing to a 40,000,000 dollar corporation, which was phenomenal back then, and even by today’s standards.

When he started writing the Master Key System he was drawing on his studies of New Thought as well as his own experiences of going from poor to mega wealthy.

Q. What Does the Master Key System Have To Do With Napoleon Hill Author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’?

A. Napoleon Hill studies the system with Charles Haanel. In fact Napoleon accredits the success of his business to learning and mastering these Secret Master Keys. 

Q. Wow! So by studying these keys then we are following in the footsteps of what made Napoleon Hill so successful and wealthy?

A. Yes. In fact it’s the system that has made over a million millionaires.

Q. So what’s so good about this Secret Master Keys System?

A.The Master Key System teachers you how to align your conscious and subconscious mind so you can create health, wealth, happiness and prosperity in your life. It’s a complete system of self discovery and connects you with your true power as a creator of your own life in co-creation with the Universal Intelligence. Once you are master of your own destiny no one or nothing can control you ever again.

Q. You’ve created an entire 24 Volume Secret Master Key Course. Tell us how that differs from the original Master Key System?

A. Well as I mentioned before, I’ve transcribed the entire book into 24 Volumes with each Master Key into modern English. I’ve also recorded the entire book on audio so you can listen to each Key on your ipod or while driving to saturate your mind with the secrets of conscious manifestation.

I then rewrote the entire 24 Keys again in a different format in preparation to record 24 Subliminally Enhanced Audios you can listen to at night so you can let the power of the knowledge and mental capabilities it trains you to have, work their magic. Plus I created a workbook for each of the Keys so you can anchor in the learning for each Key. When you combine the conscious knowledge, with the Subliminally Enhanced messages, and the mental exercise you get given for each Key, along with the homework, you begin to embody the creative abilities each Key brings to you. As you go through each Key you’ll notice your life just keeps getting better and better. Things you want manifest easily, you feel a greater connection to yourself and the Divine. Your intuitive abilities become more heightened.

Q. Why is that Steve? How does it work?

A. Most people don’t realize what percentage of their thoughts and words are limiting. When we have limiting thoughts or sabotage patterns in play it makes it difficult to manifest what we want or to connect with the Divine source within ourselves. Remove that limitation and replace it with positive mental habits and we can create whatever we want or desire.

It was the author Bruce Lipton who pointed out that approximately 90% of everything that happens in our day is coming from the thoughts held in our subconscious mind. That’s a lot of our day in unconscious creation. The Secret Master Keys Course focuses you so you gain the mental habits and abilities to come into greater mastery and alignment of both your conscious and subconscious minds. When you gain that mastery you can literally move mountains.

The more people who have the creative mental ability the more people will be able to have what they desire in life and help co-create a better worldly experience for the entirety of humanity.

One of the reasons why I recorded each key in a subliminal format was so the information could bypass the conscious mind filter and go straight into the subconscious mind to replace any limiting thoughts, beliefs or mental habits that prevent you creating the life or world you want. We can do anything if we put our mind to it. That’s the trick – we need to put our mind to it. Knowing how to work with our subconscious mind is important because it not only creates 90% of our day – it is in essence our creative matrix, because it is the door way to the Universal Creative Intelligence and Substance that all things are created from.

Q. Wow! Subconscious Mind Mastery then is really connects us to our Godhood as creators?

A. Yes. Now you see why the Elite and Catholic Church don’t want you to have this information. “Know that ye are Gods”. You can’t control Gods.

We begin to become conscious creators rather than the unconscious creators we have been. The new mental habits aligned to the Master Keys of the creative Universe take over rather than our unconscious creations ruling our daily experience. The overspill is a greater sense of joy for life and an increased vibrational frequency which in turn all help bring about what you wish to create much faster.

Q. So what are the practical experiences students of this work have experienced.

A. Well the most famous student of the original manuscript was Napoleon Hill of “Think and Grow Rich”. He wrote a letter to Charles Haanel stating he owes his great wealth and success to the Master Keys.

Once I transcribed the manuscript for myself and made the subliminally enhanced audios and listened to them, the project I was working on, the hydrogen fuel cell, which achieves greater fuel efficiency, went from no one wanting to have a bar of it due to fear and insurance problems, to being part of a multi-national business and the first models coming on to the market in a few weeks with customers eagerly awaiting their shipment. I credit this success to working the Secret Master Keys daily because I was really struggling to make headway before I started applying the Keys.

A friend of mind does the course daily. He just hasn’t stopped increasing the benefits of mastering his creative powers. When he started he wasn’t doing anything with his life, was struggling financially having been effected by global meltdown, couldn’t make money no matter what he tried and didn’t want to bring a woman into his life because he felt so down, he but wanted a relationship. Just 8 months later he’s got his own business and is doing very well. He is in love and in a happy relationship and life just keeps getting better and better.

Q. I posted something on my Facebook wall beginning of the year saying if I could attribute the turnaround in my life mid last year to one thing, it would be having studies your modern version of the Secret Master Keys. It’s made me more connected to myself, more peaceful, and has contributed in some part of an increase in my income and overall prosperity. I loved how it felt to be doing the very meditations and exercises Napoleon Hill himself did. That’s why I’ve added it to my JigSaw box list of mentoring programs.

Do you have any final advice or tidbit you can give us from the Secret Master Keys we can put into our lives right away?

A. I’ll leave you with a transmission from the 5th Master Key which is one of my personal favorites. You can read it and think about it and apply it throughout your day.

“After studying this Key carefully, you will see that every conceivable force or object or fact is the result of Mind in Action. Mind in Action is Thought, and Thought is Creative. People are Thinking now as they have never Thought before. This is a Creative age, and the world is awarding its richest prizes to the Thinkers.

Matter is powerless, passive and inert. Mind is Force, Energy and Power. Mind shapes and controls matter. Every form which matter takes is but the expression of some pre-existing Thought. But Thought works no magic transformations; it obeys Natural Laws; it sets in motion Natural Forces; it releases Natural Energies; it manifests in your conduct and your actions, and these in turn react upon your friends and acquaintances, and eventually upon the whole of your environment, Creating either a life of abundance or a life of little, the choice is yours.

You can originate Thought, and, since Thought is Creative, you can Create for yourselves the things you desire.

The Law of Attraction is bringing to you, not the things you should like, or the things you wish for, or the things someone else has, but it brings you your own, the things which you have created, by your Thought processes, whether Consciously or Unconsciously.”

Key 5:8

If you’d like to learn more about The Secret Master Keys and how it can help you master your relationship with your subconscious mind and become better at manifesting, visit this website today.


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