Strategy With Spirit Nuggets – March 2013


March 2013 Issue

Nuggets in this Issue

  1. How The Law of Mind Can Help You Get To Where You Want To Be In Life

  2. “Keep The Voice of Change Growing”

  3. “Create Something That Will Make The World Awesome”

  4. Monetizing Your Life Purpose & “Where The Hell Is Matt?”

  5. Discover Your Soul’s Grand Plan For Your Life of Purpose and Prosperity

 But First – This Just In…

From the Desk of Nicola Grace,
The Mission Mentor
March 27th 2013

Another busy month almost under our belt, my new website for Nicola Grace was finally launched, my Facebook page has had a revamp, another book I feature in went best seller and I’m preparing the Mission Blueprint Live Event coming up in a few weeks.

I’m really excited about this month’s issue because I love to teach the Law of Mind and how it interfaces with the latest brain science, to help us understand how to leverage our mind so we can create better results in life with less efforting. I also have a new Change Maker I’d like to introduce you to if you haven’t met her already, Vivian Glyck founder of Just Like My Child. Be sure to watch the video in the Change Maker section today. It’s very inspiring.

I have a bit of breaking news. The book I have a feature chapter in More.Better. The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Get More Out of Business and Life With Better Results  hit the #1 Best Sellers list on Amazon in 5 categories, within a few days of launching. I was so excited.  I woke up to the email in my inbox from my publisher CelebrityPress, that I am now a 3 x international best selling author. Since I reorganized my life and business around the discovery that my  Soul’s Primary Expression Modality was writing, life has been a wild ride.

My live event for Mission Blueprint is coming up in Byron Bay April 13th and 14th so I’m now turning my focus on making that a fantastic event. Really psyched about it. But first… let’s get on with learning about that powerful mind and brain of our and how we can leverage our results by using it better…

Enjoy! Until we meet again…

Live, Love and Laugh a Lot


(BTW) I’m really getting into this Pinning thing. What fun. If you’re on Pinterest check out my pinboards here.

How The Law of Mind Can Help You Get To Where
You Want To Be In Life

Learn More About Building A Matrix Of Magnetic Beliefs and Finding Your Soul’s Grand Plan here


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 “Inspiring Change Makers, Political, Entrepreneurial & Artistic Change Agents”

Change Maker of the Month – Vivian Glyck

Let me introduce you to Vivian Glyck of Just Like My Child, recently named one of San Diego’s 50 People to Watch in 2013. She’s my Change Maker of the month because the work she does in Africa ,is empowering change at a rapid rate. The Butterfly Effect of Vivian living her personal mission is not only changing lives, it’s helping shape a nation to change it’s ways. Here’s a video of what Vivian’s foundation has created.

“Keep  The Voice of Change Growing”
Vivian Glyck

Best of The Mission Mentor’s Blog March 2013

Progress Report – My Latest Course

Best of My Blog
  1. Create Something That Will Make The World Awesome
    Kid President is on a personal mission to make we adults “less boring”. He’s also an example of easy it is monetize your personal mission and higher purpose when you get creative. Take a read...
  2. Monetizing Your Life Purpose & “Where The Hell Is Matt?” This is a great post that not only gives you 5 Tips On How To Make Money Doing What You Love, it also inspires all of us think outside the box when it comes to marrying purpose with prosperity. Take a look at how Matt monetized his purpose doing what he loved – to travel…

Get Clear, Find Direction, Finally Make It

Imagine how your life would transform if you were walking your Soul’s Grand Plan for your life that INCLUDES Purpose, AND Prosperity, so you can pay your bills, buy your favorite stuff, invest in your future AND help more people, doing what you love…

Here’s my invitation for you to join me in either my Mission Blueprint Online Home Study Mentoring Program or Mission Blueprint Live in Byron Bay.

In my twenty years of speaking, educating and facilitating transformation, here’s what I am absolutely convinced of; each of us is born with a Higher Purpose and Personal Mission to achieve in life. When you Step UP to do the very thing you were born for, through that mathematical phenomenon called ‘The Butterfly Effect’ YOU make a BIG DIFFERENCE that creates a better world, and leaves a legacy you can be proud of.

Simply Stated – Your Life Matters! Your Life Mission Is Where Your Joy, True Wealth And Prosperity Can Be Found!

But here’s what I’ve found… The majority of clients who come to me –

–    Lack clear direction. Most clients don’t feel in control of that direction, or their life.
–    Lack the confidence to take the steps toward their purpose and mission in life.
–    Lack certainty and misunderstand what Life Purpose really is – it’s not a statement that sounds nice.
–    Lack understanding on what their Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities and how important they are to the monetization of your purpose.

–    Get stuck on the “HOW” of transitioning from where they are now, to where they want to be. They’d take the first step if only they knew what it was.

Then there are those clients who have invested a lot of money in personal development and life purpose programs, thinking they were going to help, only to get nowhere. Sometimes having lost a lot of money, lost their partner, lost their car, feeling like they have no prospects. Trying so hard to stay positive, all the while feeling defeated.

This feeling of defeat, lack of clarity, confidence, certainty and the ‘how’, is precisely why I designed the “Mission Blueprint: Step into Clarity about your Higher Purpose and Personal Mission, with the Confidence that comes from knowing HOW to get there, Certain you can make money Soulfully, even if nothing has worked for you before.”

What’s Possible For You When You Find AND Follow Your EXACT Soul’s Mission Blueprint

– Absolute clarity you are supposed to be doing. No more confusion or wasted effort feeling like your spinning your wheels.

– Greater confidence in your self, your abilities and your intuition. You can know with certainty you are doing the right thing, moving in the right direction.

– Increased prosperity. Your Mission Blueprint adequately provides you with ways to not only live on purpose and make good money. Within that Blueprint is a plan for your wealth, if that is what you choose to experience in this life time.

– Deeper connection with your Self and your Soul’s Grand Plan. You walk through each day feeling connected, full and excited. You feel more motivated, inspired and jazzed up about your life.

– More trust in your Self, your life and your inner guidance system. You know how to discern between your real Soul’s communication and your ego’s, so you don’t ‘Think’ you’re following your inner guidance, you ‘KNOW’ you’re following your Soul’s Path.

Learn More About Mission Blueprint Mentoring Program Here

Join Me For Mission Blueprint Live in Byron Bay



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