#1 Habit of Highly Effective Changemakers – Part 2

who are youThe number one question I get asked by clients and audience members when I talk about developing the habit of doing the inner work is, “Yes but how do I do that.” My answer to that is to work with someone whose purpose it is to support people on missions to transform the world by helping them clear their blocks. Make sure they work at the multi-dimensional or holographic level, not just with belief work.

It’s not enough to just clear your limiting beliefs. Many of you reading this will no doubt have had a pattern repeat or something happen that makes you frustrated because you thought you cleared the limiting belief or thought. That’s because there are other levels of clearing that need to be done if you want to be free and clear of blocks and limitations.

I’ve done a lot of self development work with books and courses. But the biggest shifts have come from working with professional clearing practitioners who work on a multi-dimensional level, not just with belief work. This keeps me clear and focused on my mission. Consider it like take your car to get a an oil change regularly so your carburettor doesn’t get clogged and then your car doesn’t run so hot, uses up too much energy which ends up cost you more in gas.

I’m hot and on fire, in full flight when I’m running on pure spirit rather than limiting human failings. So are you. You are so much more effective and productive when nothing is holding you back. The other key benefit of clearing on a multi-dimensional level is that you naturally begin to awaken to the extraordinary ability you have to create your reality and achieve the seemingly impossible.

I believe we need to be in full flight with all our higher abilities accessed if we want to create positive change in the world. We can’t be coming from the little versions of our selves anymore, otherwise we are victims to the many negative stuff going down on the planet right now. That’s a dis-empowering place to be. Far better to come from that place within us that knows we have a Quantum Field of Universal Creative Intelligence living inside every cell in our body and the spaces in between. We just might need to do a little clearing of the cobwebs to access that fully.

We are holographic beings and therefore you need to take a holographic approach to doing the inner work. That’s when I mean when I say multi-dimensional. There are many dimensions of blocks we hold, from thoughts, beliefs, emotions, ancestral programming, past lives and more.

When doing the inner work it’s not enough to simply work on clearing away limiting beliefs or emotions, although that is the place to start. There’s more to us than meets the eye. There are 5 levels of doing inner work, that if you make a life time habit of covering all these basis, you’ll be positioned to achieve greatness as a Changemaker as well as be positioned well for becoming the ultimate Quantum Activist.

Let’s go over those 5 areas of clearing that form the Habit of Doing the Inner Work. Here they are in order, and then I’m going to deep dive a little bit into one of these points:

  1. Clear away Limiting Beliefs and Emotions that you’ve made up. Belief Work. This is where you seek, find and clear the thoughts and feelings that do not serve you and you release them.

    Resources for Belief Work.

  2. Clear way limiting beliefs and emotions you’ve taken on from others. Empathetic Work. We hold many beliefs and emotions that are not our own because we have a tremendous capacity to be empathetic to others. Some people are more sensitive in this area than others. The mind is so clever it can trick us into believing the thoughts and emotions are our own when it fact they are not. They belong to someone else and we’ve adopted them and then we get the results of that. Ever felt like you were living someone elses life?

    Resources for Empathetic Work.

  3. Clear away limiting beliefs, indoctrinations, programming, unresolved emotions you’ve inherited from your ancestors. Ancestral Work.

    Resources for Ancestral Work.

  4. Clear your hologram. Hollographic Work. Our mind is a hologram. We have an outermind (conscious mind), subconscious mind, collective consciousness mind and superconscious. We also have an energetic field that scientists can now measure. Much of this science has lead Quantum Scientists in particular to say that everything comes down to vibration- every thought, every particle. While our thoughts and emotions do effect our energy field there’s a lot of other “stuff” that can get stuck there that we need to disengage from to be complete effective in our ability to accelerate change. The Hollographic work also encompasses Karma, agreements of entrapment, contracts, vows and promises made on ancestral lines or past lives if you have those activated in this life time.

    Resources for Hollographic Work.

  5. Connect with your Spirit and Great Spirit. Spirit Work. This is the work that brings you into the awakening of who you are, what you are and what you’re capable of, as well as developing your higher abilities. Having a sixth sense is only the beginning of tapping into our higher capabilities. Look at contortionists, the kids these days and what they know and can achieve, the extra-ordinary feats many humans are able to accomplish. This is all because of some connection to the greater Spirit that dwells within.

Now I’m on a mission to accelerate the positive transformation of the world by developing a multitude of Outstanding Changemakers on purpose, in prosperity making a huge difference achieving their missions. If you found what I taught here today interesting and valuable I’d appreciate it if you could share this post with other people in your social media, blog or email list community. And of course if you’re not a member of the Strategy With Spirit Evolution community then be sure to sign up for your free subscription at www.strategywithspirit.com