How to Make Money Doing What You Love

Monetizing Your Life Purpose

If you want to learn how to make money doing what you love, you first need to find what it is you love to do and then accurately monetize that love. One of the most common problems I see in my Visionary Mastermind Clients, when we are looking at finding their Higher Purpose – that thing they love doing and are passionate about – is that they overlook what that purpose is because they don’t know how they can make money doing that.

In this blog post I want to help you stretch your mind to include this idea that you can monetize anything. Let’s take Matt Harding as a prime example. Matt Harding loves to travel. in 2003 he took off around the world filming himself doing a silly dance and putting it up on YouTube. He titled the original video compilation of his trip “Where The Hell is Matt?”.

Where The Hell Is Matt?

Matt sought sponsorship and eventually got picked up by Visa who made a commercial of his dance to advertise his product.

Visa Commercial With Matt Harding

… Proving you can monetize just about anything. All you need is creativity and gumption.

Matt has also been hired to appear in several travel agency advertisements and by Google to create a new layer for Google Earth, showing off his favorite dancing locations. He also get’s paid to speak about his idea and has written a book. So he is very well monetized off of one idea to go do a little jig in different places all over the world, making money doing what he loves.

Tips On How To Make Money Doing What You Love

  1. Take a look at absolutely every idea you’ve ever had, that you’d love love love to do, and compile a list.
  2. Put each idea on a fresh sheet of paper and now list all the ways you can make money doing each of those activities. Don’t filter anything out. Even if it is something you’d never do, don’t filter it out just yet. Here you want to get your creative juices flowing.
  3. Now it’s time to “Google It” and “YouTube It.” First you want to do a comprehensive search in both places using the search string “How to make money doing _______” you need to fill in the blank with what it is you are doing in each of these activities.Write all of your findings down for each of your listed activities. Any ideas you come up with from this research, write those down too.
  4. While you are doing this exercise pay specific attention to how you feel, your heart rate, your breathing and your body sensations. If anything you write down elevates your heart rate, makes you breathe faster or get’s you excited or curious, do not filter it or discount it. Simply acknowledge your response and highlight what you have just written down with either a highlight pen or by circling that idea.HOT TIP: You will get much more out of this exercise if you meditate for 15 minutes, sitting still and concentrating on not moving your body accept for your breathing. That’s it.
  5. Now take the “Hot List” of activities you highlighted and write each of those ideas on their on sheet of paper. For each of these activities write down all the ways in which your life has prepared you to do that very thing. What natural talents do you have? What professional skills have you got that would help you with these activities? On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most, how excited or passionate about this idea are you?The idea that has the most support in terms of your natural and professional abilities, as well as passion is a good place to start.

Remember with Matt, his ultimate monetization came from spin offs of what he did, not from the actual activities in it’s original form. You may or may not have your ultimate idea here, or your Personal Mission, however you have a great place to start. Remember, you can monetize anything. We live in a creative Universe that is creating all the time.

You have a Genius Databank inside of you in the form of your Spirit and it’s intelligence. All you need to do is cultivate a great connection to your Soul, or Higher Self and keep listening to the clues and signals it leaves you, as to whether or not you are on track with your thinking.

From here, you may need to develop your idea some more, do some more research, or combine a number of ideas you had on your list to make something that is as profitable as you desire, and it’s in alignment with your Personal Mission and Higher Purpose. Remember – if Matt can make his fortune

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