Review Your Goals and Personal Mission

Part  4 of the “Goals In Life – Starting The Year On The Right Foot” Series

It’s a great idea to review your goals and personal mission each year for one reason and one reason only. Things change! While your personal mission never changes at the Mission Blueprint level, you grow and the world changes, new technologies are born, new ideas come into our sphere of influence, and part of living successfully is adapting to change fast!

At the end of each year I review my goals and personal mission and I tweak my Vision, Mission and Purpose statements, making any adjustments I need to with my life goals, aims and objectives. This Is part of me making sure my ladder is still up against the right wall so every step I take in the new year is the right step in the right direction. In other words I’m ensuring I’m starting the year on the right foot.

One of the other phenomenon’s I see with my clients is that many of their goals and personal missions aren’t their own. They belong to their parents, society, to their internal chirping monkeys, and so their goals are set from this place of “I should”. I should strive for this or I should make this my goal or I should do this.
If you are sitting on any failed goals or struggling for some of them to come into fruition, it could be because you have set a goal you think you should have rather than because it’s part of your personal mission at your Soul’s Mission Blueprint level.

So by reviewing your goals each year and making sure your personal mission is YOUR personal mission and not someone elses dream, you are ensuring you are following your heart, passion and reason for being here in this world. You can realign and tweak your Life Path Plan each year to keep you focused and on track, reaching your mission milestones.

Find Your Life Purpose, Find Your Personal Mission

Mission Blueprint Home Study Program

This year I’m starting the year out with taking on board another 30 people for Mission Blueprint Home Bootcamp because I believe this review process is that important to starting the year on the right foot. Once you’ve discovered what it is you are here to do, what your personal mission is and set your goals in life, you have a tool you can use every year to review your goals and personal mission, keeping you focused on building the life you want, the life that gives you the greatest satisfaction and success.

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Setting Personal Goals as Mission Milestones

Part  5 of the “Goals In Life – Starting The Year On The Right Foot” Series

Having personal goals in life doesn’t only help you with direction, it actually helps you bring into your world that which you want to experience. Without them you wander aimlessly totally reliant on what is stored in your subconscious mind to bring to you experiences. If you haven’t programmed your subconscious mind for that which you want, via setting personal goals, you might not get it. We change agents and social entrepreneurs have goals in our missions and business, but have you taken the time to look at what your goals in life are on a personal level?

Your personal goals are like your personal mission milestones once you reach them. They let you know if you are on track in life. I always start with my personal goal setting from the point of aligning those goals to my Mission Blueprint – that which I am here to do. If I’m goal setting from ego I may find one of three things happen:

1.    I immediately meet with stumbling blocks and opposition to my goals. In fact often I seem to be heading in completely the wrong direction of reaching them. When my goals are set in alignment with what it is I am here to do then every step I take is the right step in the right direction.

2.    I loose interest in pursuing them. Usually a clear sign the personal goals are in conflict with your Higher Self and its life purpose.

3.    I never reach them and they become failed goals.

I wanted to share a couple of excerpts out of my new book called Discover What You Are Here To Do which puts forward the need to have a Life Path Plan, much like a business plan with goals and mission milestones, so you have a map that will get you from where you are today to where you want to be. In this excerpt I dispel a common myth about planning and goal setting that I believe has many spiritual person living in poverty, not reaching their full potential and living half a life.


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Discover What You Are Here To Do, by Nicola Grace

“Once you’ve discovered what you’re here to do, in order to transition from where you are now to where you want to go, and avoid fear either holding you back or stopping you in your tracks, you need a strategic plan with clear aims, objectives, goals, and an action plan broken down into doable steps. Breaking your plan down into doable steps gets you off the ground much faster because you’re side-stepping any fears you may have. It’s not that you won’t ever have to deal with fear but if you want speed, the fastest way to get that is not to go charging full steam into that which terrifies you.

Starting with doable steps also helps you build confidence in yourself and it picks up momentum on your path. You develop strong legs so to speak. With momentum, speed and strong legs you’ll be able to better face any fear that comes up along your path in the future. Facing your fears with wobbly legs is a slow approach and it’s not always guaranteed to work.

Of course you’re free to bombastically face your fears and jump off cliffs and sky dive into your challenges. It works if you have the type of personality that loves the adrenaline rush. That is not most people. Most people get fearful to the point they distract themselves from the fear, holding themselves back.

Having a road map in the form of a strategic Life Path Plan with an action plan that breaks your steps down into doable steps can help you side-step fears initially so you can get the ball rolling on what it is you are here to do.”

“I want to dispel a common spiritual myth out there, that has no grounding in new quantum science, and in my opinion has lead to many good hearted people living in poverty. That myth is that you don’t need to set goals or plan your life because the “Universe” will take care of you – “the Universe provides” so therefore there is no need to plan.

There is so much I could be saying to debunk this idea, so I’ll keep it brief for now because this is another soap box of mine that could have me writing a whole other book. We are now learning from quantum science and new brain discoveries how we create our reality and experiences.

We’re also beginning to have some inkling as to how we can manifest form through very new and revolutionary scientific discoveries. We now know there isn’t anything outside of us acting upon us in separation to us or what we think. We are all one. WE ARE a microcosm of that “Universe”. We are in fact “The Universe” we think is providing for us. The very substance of our lives comes into being in a co-creative equation of what we think and desire, what we intend in co-operation with the Divine, God, or Universal Creative Intelligence because there is no universe out there separate from us.

Yes the Universe is an abundant place with all that we could ever need to thrive, part of that thrival depends on how in harmony with the Universal Laws of Nature we are. If we were bees, all the flowers in the world we needed to collect nectar and take back to our queen, would be provided. We are human beings with a complex mind and therefore, unlike bees and the rest of nature, we are subject to the Laws of Mind. And the Laws of Mind require us to think in order to bring something into creation, in the same way our Creator creates. We are after all created in that likeness. It makes no sense that an omnipotent Creator could create something unlike itself.

Better to think consciously and plan out what it is we want and where we want to do, rather than to unconsciously meander through life – unless of course meandering is your Higher Purpose.

Through the Universal Laws of Nature, we humans with a complex mind need to think about what it is we desire and want to experience, in order to bring it into creation AND THEN the Universal Creative Intelligence within us and all around us, provides according to the Law of Creation. That requires setting goals and holding a vision of the outcomes we want to experience.

Now, when those goals and your life vision are created in co-operation with your Soul, then you are working in harmony with yourself. You have the greatest foundation for happiness and success, instead of a steady stream of unfulfilled goals and a vision you’ll never realize.”

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Setting Self Development Goals and the Butterfly Effect

Part  8 of the “Goals In Life – Starting The Year On The Right Foot” Series

Before I set my new years resolutions, I like to set some self development goals as part of my starting the year on the right foot routine. I think setting and reaching personal development goals are an important part of why social entrepreneurs and change agents will reach their mission milestones. Our greatest enemy is often our selves and our mind right?

I take my self development very seriously. I have been called the Queen of Personal Development after all. Being a Queen in self development then, I make sure I set my goals for the coming year. Continuing education for both my business and my personal development are part of helping me reach those self development goals.

Scheduling Continuing Education to Reach Your Self Development Goals

I make sure I block the appropriate time off on my calendar for the various education programs I want to do, plus I add the investment it will take for these programs into my financial budget for the year. Take it from me, if you don’t block the time off you may find you aren’t able to take time out for your own education and growth. Also if you don’t budget for your continuing education and growth, you may find you have to miss out on something, or you spend funds on something that isn’t as important to you.

I once sat in a seminar that presented me with an amazing opportunity to be mentored by someone I highly respect and admire. At the time I was not able to even stretch to invest in the program, as I have done for other self development programs I have taken. I remember sitting there in the audience feeling this huge sense of disappointment, regret and poverty. I’d never felt that way before. This was my opportunity to take a quantum leap in my life and I missed the boat. A feeling I vowed never to have again.

Ever since that fateful day I vowed to be more purposeful, mindful and prepared to invest in any continuing education, self development or spiritual awakening programs I wanted to. So I now create my self development goals each year, research the education programs that will help me get there faster, if I don’t already know of any I want to do. And here’s the key, I create the budget and start putting that money aside every week, so my personal development bank account is bursting at the seams. I also make sure I budget for spur of the moment, surprise programs and opportunities.

That way I never have to live with regret.

Changing The World By Setting Self Development Goals

Interestingly enough I set the goal to increase my brain capacity one year, so I was using more of my brain. It was during that year I begin to find out all about the new brain science discoveries. Neural Plasticity became the new buzz phrase in the self development movement and books on the brain became prevalent. All the tools I needed to increase how much of my brain I used were at my finger tips.

In my new book Discover What You Are Here To DoI discuss the idea of The Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly effect is the phenomenon of small movements having an impact on larger systems. In the book I postulate that you living on your higher purpose, doing the very thing you were born to do creates the change we all want to see in the world. It’s your Butterfly Effect.

So, could my self development goal setting be the Butterfly Effect that set off a chain reaction that bought about an explosion of discovery in brain science? Possibly, I’d like to think so. 🙂 I do see this phenomenon being demonstrated a number of times. Goals are set, the means are created. That’s why I think it is so important to set self development goals. Not only does it help you achieve your Mission Blueprint – that thing you were born to do, it also contributes indirectly to changing the world and evolving humanity through the Butterfly Effect. Interesting idea to contemplate.

So go forth and set your self development goals, schedule in the personal development education that will get you there, budget your investment in yourself, and change the world for the better, in doing so. 🙂

If stepping up to do what you are here to do, and living your higher purpose are on your wish list for this coming year, I wanted to put my hat in the ring to help you with your training and education on exactly how to make that happen.

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