How the Human Heart Can Transform the World

Accelerate Life Changes and World Transformation with The Compassion Key

))) Listen to Podcast Here (((Much is being discovered about the power of our heart to heal. Scientists are now postulation that the heart is the second brain in our body, it contains that much intelligence and power. For those of you who have learned my Heart Soul Connection mediation you’ll know that your Heart is also powerful in the process of manifesting.

Edward Mannix, Transformation Leader and co-host of my Effective Changemakers Show takes that work a whole step further in his Compassion Key. I interviewed him recently on how the human heart can transform the world, and how we can accelerate the changes we want to see in our life and the world using his Compassion Key.

Could The Compassion Key be a simple and fast way to transform the world! You can listen to the podcast below:

Edward Mannix, Transformation Leader, Author and Creator of The Compassion Key explains how the most powerful manifestation tool in the world – The Compassion within our heart can:

  • Clear blocks so nothing holds us back from succeeding with our mission?
  • Clear Karma so we can begin to live our lives at choice; and
  • Accelerate the healing and transformation of world into a better place

Approximately 35 minutes into the interview Edward takes you through the first step of The Compassion Key that is so powerful, yet simple and easy to do, you begin to see results quickly.

button-podcast))) Listen and Enjoy! (((


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