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The Power of Purpose

Move With Purpose, Live With Purpose

Bo Eason talks about the power of moving with purpose - The Power of Purpose, how when you Move with Purpose and Live With Purpose you increase your personal Power.I met Bo Eason on the weekend, former professional American football player for the Houston Oilers, a change agent, and a man who not only lives with purpose, moves with purpose, he also is a walking breathing demonstration of the power of purpose.

He was speaking at the recent Author Expert Marketing Machines event I went to in San Diego, and told the story of his movement coach, teaching him the power of moving with purpose. I wanted to share the story with you because it is a powerful reminder that when we move with purpose, we carry a certain vibration and power that can make us more invincible. Let me explain.

Bo Eason described the story of a tribe of people who lived harmoniously with predatory animals, yet never were hunted and eaten by them. They lived, moved and walked peacefully among these preditors. How could that be? They learned how to walk with total focus and purpose. The only time anyone had even been eaten by these animals is when they got drunk. However, when they move with purpose, free of alcohol, they lived safely because they carried the vibration of purpose and not that of a victim.

We so often talk about the power of purpose from the perspective of living a life of meaning and fulfilment, but this story demonstrates the power of purpose goes far beyond feeling satisfied with life. It may well be the very thing that saves us from preditors and being victimized!?

Interesting concept to contemplate. When you watch Bo Eason move with purpose, it is very powerful. In fact whenever you see anyone who is standing in their power, performing their personal mission in life and living fully on purpose, they do give off a certain air of grace and power. They are more charismatic, awe-inspiring and they move very differently from someone who is uncertain about where they are going in life, believes they are victim, or has no clue as to why they are here.

Have you experience the power of living on purpose yet? Are you moving with purpose? Practice today as your move with purpose, feeling the sense of empowerment and invincible vibration that comes from the certainty you are walking your life path, and you are doing the very thing you came here to do. Then report back to me and drop a comment below.

If you haven’t discovered what you are here to do yet, then fake it till you make it. Hold your head up high and pretend that you are moving with purpose. Experience what you think might be the power of purpose anyways, and report back. Let’s all raise our vibration today and every day and move with purpose.