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The Responsibility of Spiritual Changemakers to Make More Money

scocial entrepreneurs, social intrepreneurs, changemakers, life mission, change the worldWe spiritual, conscious awake professionals and entrepreneurs have a real dilemma on our hands, don’t we?

We’d much rather be focusing 100% on our purpose, raising awareness, being in high service to the world, transforming it to a better place where all can prosper – and yet we need money to not only survive and thrive, but to be able to make an even bigger difference.

We see the Industrial moguls continuing to make billions by looting and pillaging our planet and we say “No, not that”. “If that’s how you get rich I don’t want to be like that!” At the same time we know we can and deserve to experience the abundance of our Universe.

 Hence the dilemma! There’s this tug of war going on inside of us. One part of us wants to passionately be full time transformers and changemakers and not have to worry about money – the other part of us could be struggling to make the kind of Right Money we need and want. And quite frankly, that money would be better invested if it were in our hands wouldn’t it?
We’re living in a time of unprecedented change, and we know there’s an “Emerging NEW Economic Storm” heading our way. According to Harry Dent, Author of The Great Depression Ahead and the Houdini of financial predictions, he says this depression will continue until 2020! WHAT!? Seriously!

Now we spiritual people know this is happening because we’re shifting from the Industrial Value system to a more Heart Centred, Relationship based Co-Operative Economy. I don’t know about you, but I believe we can make that transition happen peacefully with the least amount of collateral damage.

changemakers, mission, life mission, life purpose, make a differenceBut here’s the thing – Our Universe abhors a vacuum. That means where there’s a gap for a moment, it will be filled with something. So if we don’t allow ourselves to receive our fair share of the abundant universe, someone else is going to take more than their fair share… that’s the balance of the Law of Duality at play.

 Now the only reason we have this storm ahead of us, is because we heart centered spiritual folks have been leaving the problems of the world up to someone else to fix. We’ve been wafting off onto pathways that are infinitely more interesting to us than money. “Money’s not that important, we say to ourselves. Love is more important.”

But GUESS WHAT? We’ve created a vacuum by our absence, and it’s been filled with the terrible situation of the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, and now this “Economic Storm” approaching. We’re needed to step it up in our lives live never before. Not just to survive this storm ahead, but also to make sure the better world we all want to live in, actually get’s birthed.

You have a role to play in that birth, that has you living 100% on purpose, in financial prosperity, making a big difference, feeling fulfilled, making progress in life AND transforming the world positively!

The Key is Answering the Call to that Feeling You Have Inside that There’s Something Else You’re Supposed to Be Doing! or There’s Another Way of Monetizing Your Mission, So You Don’t Struggle Financially!

As my introduction said, I’m the one who saved a billion dollar industry from ruin, achieving in just 6 months what that industry were unable to do in 7 years.

The secret to my success came down to 7 Habits, 10 Strategies and 12 Laws of Nature that I’ve branded “Strategy With Spirit”. One of those Laws is the Law of Purpose. I had Mission Mojo to achieve extra-ordinary results like turning the tide of history, because it was my purpose to do that job… It was one of my mission milestones – no one elses – therefore I Had the Support of the Entire Evolving Conscious Universe.

Now you have within you the exact same Mission Mojo. But you only tap into that Mojo when you step it up to your Life’s Mission. I unequivocally believe, when we transition in droves from making money just to pay the bills to making more money by making a bigger difference, collectively we will transform not only the monetary system but the world at large.

I want to help you find your role to play in that great transition. I want to help you find your Mission Mojo, so we can get this party of transforming the world cranking, and make sure you’re adequately monetized on the right side of the fall out about to happen, in the prolonged Economic Transition fast approaching.

I especially want to make sure you Avoid The #3 Biggest Pitfalls When Monetizing Your Mission.

So I’ve designed a complimentary training program via webinar and bonus videos to help you learn:

·         The #1 mistake mission driven people make that leads them down the wrong path, – AND the #3 Keys you need to use to avoid this mistake so you can nail the mission & niche you were born to serve and prosper in;

·         The HUGE pitfall ALL of us need to AVOID in the next 6 years, so we can be successful with our missions for change, AND build financial prosperity as the old Industry Economic Structure painstakingly, slowly crumbles;

·         The BIG BIG BIG TRAP spiritual, conscious, awake professionals and social entrepreneurs fall into, that has them saving the world for free on Facebook, and racing off to do a job or business they don’t enjoy just to pay the bills –

This same TRAP has successful entrepreneurs struggling to break through financial glass ceilings to reach the abundance they know they deserve;

·         The 7 Step Blueprint to find, follow and achieve your Right Mission so you can make the Right Money – the “feed good money” in every increases abundance, that comes from doing good in the world, so you can make an even bigger difference in your own life, the lives of your family and the world.

As a special bonus you’ll also receive FREE membership to my Strategy With Spirit Evolutionary Vault where you’ll get further complimentary trainings monthly on these 7 Habits, 10 Strategies and 12 Laws of Nature that I synergized to change the course of history – and how you can use them to achieve your mission accomplished too.

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On and one last thing….

(PS) I’m going to take the gloves off in this training and tell you what no one in this industry is telling you about breaking financial glass ceilings… Yet I can tell you they know, because I’ve had the conversations with them. This blind spot you’re not having light shown directly on, is probably causing you to spin your wheels and work harder than you need to be, for less results and money than the effort you’re putting in. You want to cease this opportunity to have all revealed.

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#1 Habit of Highly Effective Changemakers – Part 2

who are youThe number one question I get asked by clients and audience members when I talk about developing the habit of doing the inner work is, “Yes but how do I do that.” My answer to that is to work with someone whose purpose it is to support people on missions to transform the world by helping them clear their blocks. Make sure they work at the multi-dimensional or holographic level, not just with belief work.

It’s not enough to just clear your limiting beliefs. Many of you reading this will no doubt have had a pattern repeat or something happen that makes you frustrated because you thought you cleared the limiting belief or thought. That’s because there are other levels of clearing that need to be done if you want to be free and clear of blocks and limitations.

I’ve done a lot of self development work with books and courses. But the biggest shifts have come from working with professional clearing practitioners who work on a multi-dimensional level, not just with belief work. This keeps me clear and focused on my mission. Consider it like take your car to get a an oil change regularly so your carburettor doesn’t get clogged and then your car doesn’t run so hot, uses up too much energy which ends up cost you more in gas.

I’m hot and on fire, in full flight when I’m running on pure spirit rather than limiting human failings. So are you. You are so much more effective and productive when nothing is holding you back. The other key benefit of clearing on a multi-dimensional level is that you naturally begin to awaken to the extraordinary ability you have to create your reality and achieve the seemingly impossible.

I believe we need to be in full flight with all our higher abilities accessed if we want to create positive change in the world. We can’t be coming from the little versions of our selves anymore, otherwise we are victims to the many negative stuff going down on the planet right now. That’s a dis-empowering place to be. Far better to come from that place within us that knows we have a Quantum Field of Universal Creative Intelligence living inside every cell in our body and the spaces in between. We just might need to do a little clearing of the cobwebs to access that fully.

We are holographic beings and therefore you need to take a holographic approach to doing the inner work. That’s when I mean when I say multi-dimensional. There are many dimensions of blocks we hold, from thoughts, beliefs, emotions, ancestral programming, past lives and more.

When doing the inner work it’s not enough to simply work on clearing away limiting beliefs or emotions, although that is the place to start. There’s more to us than meets the eye. There are 5 levels of doing inner work, that if you make a life time habit of covering all these basis, you’ll be positioned to achieve greatness as a Changemaker as well as be positioned well for becoming the ultimate Quantum Activist.

Let’s go over those 5 areas of clearing that form the Habit of Doing the Inner Work. Here they are in order, and then I’m going to deep dive a little bit into one of these points:

  1. Clear away Limiting Beliefs and Emotions that you’ve made up. Belief Work. This is where you seek, find and clear the thoughts and feelings that do not serve you and you release them.

    Resources for Belief Work.

  2. Clear way limiting beliefs and emotions you’ve taken on from others. Empathetic Work. We hold many beliefs and emotions that are not our own because we have a tremendous capacity to be empathetic to others. Some people are more sensitive in this area than others. The mind is so clever it can trick us into believing the thoughts and emotions are our own when it fact they are not. They belong to someone else and we’ve adopted them and then we get the results of that. Ever felt like you were living someone elses life?

    Resources for Empathetic Work.

  3. Clear away limiting beliefs, indoctrinations, programming, unresolved emotions you’ve inherited from your ancestors. Ancestral Work.

    Resources for Ancestral Work.

  4. Clear your hologram. Hollographic Work. Our mind is a hologram. We have an outermind (conscious mind), subconscious mind, collective consciousness mind and superconscious. We also have an energetic field that scientists can now measure. Much of this science has lead Quantum Scientists in particular to say that everything comes down to vibration- every thought, every particle. While our thoughts and emotions do effect our energy field there’s a lot of other “stuff” that can get stuck there that we need to disengage from to be complete effective in our ability to accelerate change. The Hollographic work also encompasses Karma, agreements of entrapment, contracts, vows and promises made on ancestral lines or past lives if you have those activated in this life time.

    Resources for Hollographic Work.

  5. Connect with your Spirit and Great Spirit. Spirit Work. This is the work that brings you into the awakening of who you are, what you are and what you’re capable of, as well as developing your higher abilities. Having a sixth sense is only the beginning of tapping into our higher capabilities. Look at contortionists, the kids these days and what they know and can achieve, the extra-ordinary feats many humans are able to accomplish. This is all because of some connection to the greater Spirit that dwells within.

Now I’m on a mission to accelerate the positive transformation of the world by developing a multitude of Outstanding Changemakers on purpose, in prosperity making a huge difference achieving their missions. If you found what I taught here today interesting and valuable I’d appreciate it if you could share this post with other people in your social media, blog or email list community. And of course if you’re not a member of the Strategy With Spirit Evolution community then be sure to sign up for your free subscription at

#1 Habit of Highly Effective Changemakers – Part 1

mindRegardless of what goal you set, what mission you’re on, what outcome you want – without question the number one thing that will get in the way of succeeding is you, and your mind. From the limiting thoughts you think to the self defeating behaviours, emotions and habits, you are your own worst enemy.

If left unresolved and undissolved, these self sabotaging thoughts and behaviours create blocks and prevent us from getting ahead. Patterns and life cycles of similarities will go on and on an don adinfinitum until the consciousness that created the pattern is transmuted. Since each individual makes up a collective consciousness, and our outer world is a projection of that collective consciousness, then if we want things to change in the world then first we must attend to the shift in consciousness.

Consciousness forms the basis of all things in form and so it is to our own consciousness we must be in the habit of attending to first, if we want to become effective changemakers and social entrepreneurs. If we don’t dissolve the consciousness that drive our behaviours and habits, then we stay stuck in repeating patterns and never make progress. Not making progress with our missions is frustrating and time consuming. If we’re spending a lot of time in action but with little results, feeling like we’re on a treadmill going no where fast, then it’s time to take action on the inner plane.

If our limiting consciousness continues unchecked, it leads to depression, a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness because we don’t break free of the frustrating repeating patterns or self sabotaging behaviours. We can feel like nothing will ever work for us, what’s the point, nothing good every happens, this is your lot in life and it’s depressing. In extreme circumstances some people resort to violence to vent the frustration, or suicide to end the hopelessness.

Yet consciousness is relatively easy to shift when you know how. Having said that, we are multi-dimensional spiritual beings having a human experience in a complex society with all its trapping, trimmings and programming. So you’ll find layer up on layer upon layer of potential sabotaging thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and emotions lurking inside waiting for an opptune moment to come and bite you on the bum. Often when you most want to break through on something.

So what’s the solution!

Do the Inner Work – this is the number one habit of highly effective changemakers – they start with the man in the mirror and ask him to change his ways to quote Michael Jackson.
Doing the inner work is where we get to make a big difference on a number of levels. Firstly it makes a huge difference in your personal and professional lives because as you clear away your own inner limiting beliefs and lack of consciousness in a given area, you become more productive, happier and successful. Secondly you join the ranks of Quantum Activists all over the world changing the collective consciousness by changing their own consciousness. Remember, that collective is projected out to the world to form the world we live in.

You start to change the world by starting with the man or woman in the mirror means doing the inner work.

How to Make Money by Making a Difference

How to Make Money by Making a Difference [Read more…]

Why the World Population Does Not Need to Be Culled

The Purpose of World Population Growth Is Magnificent

X change makersX change the worldX create a better worldX difference makersX great ageX great new ageX mission blueprintX new ageX paradigm shiftX permacultureX population controlX population growthX social entrepreneursX social entrepreneurshipX sustainabilityX sustainable energyX sustainable housingX The Mission MentorX world populationI felt compelled to comment on a blog post at today for a number of reasons. In my series of blogs about the coming of the New Great Age, I talked about trends that happened in the past Age shift, from Agriculture to Industry, beginning to repeat themselves again today. Population explosion was one of them. At the time there were scaremongers who said we have to do something to cull the population because the planet and environment can’t feed, support or employ such a growth in population. THEY WERE WRONG!

Here’s what the World Clock post started out by saying “According to our world population clock, the number of people in the world is increasing rapidly. Projections vary, but the population clock estimates a total world population between 9 and 11 billion in 2050. Each of these billions of people will need a job, food and other resources from the global economy.”

World Population Statistics

The large areas of growth expected by 2050 are:

– India – 1.60 billion
– China – 1.40 billion
– United States – 409 million
– Pakistan – 349 million
– Indonesia – 294 million

Declining populations by 2050 are:

– Russia – 102 million
– Japan – 109 million
– Greece – 9 million
– Romania – 18 million
– Ukraine – 29 million

Culling the World Population is Unnecessary (Not to mention a crime against humanity)

While the World Clock blog post did not talk about culling the population, many around the world are talking about the need to do so, out of fear of the impact that will have on governance, the economy and environment.  The idea being that our current level of growth is not sustainable, and so it’s necessary to look for ways to artificially decrease the population. I believe once again THEY ARE WRONG!

How to Make a Growing Population Sustainable

What is not sustainable is the paradigm of thinking founded in scarcity and therefore a control of resources and uneven distribution of them. We live in an abundant universe with an ever growing consciously aware population and everyone deserves to have an equal share in those resources nature has bountifully supplied us with.

  • We can feed our growing population by changing our paradigm of thinking around agriculture. We do not need GE food, which is now proving to be dangerous to our environment and crop failures worldwide attest to its unsustainability.

    With the world’s superphosphate resources dwindling I think we’ll see another Agricultural Revolution before too long with Change Makers in permaculture and biodynamic farming leading the way. So much food is wasted; we will develop better methods of equitable production, distribution and use.

  • We can have plenty of water to quench the thirst of a growing population by changing our paradigm of thinking around the use of water. Ceasing using it to store Nuclear waste, cease using it to frack for coal seam gas, cease using it for unsustainable purposes, cease polluting our waterways, cease deforestation particularly of our Rainforests, and nature will bounce back and supply us with an abundance of clean drinkable water.

    The great work of Masaru Emoto of “Hidden Messages in Water” has demonstrated under the microscope that we can change the molecular structure of water by the thoughts we program in to it – we can clean up the waterways with our collective thinking! I see a big clean up coming.

  • We can house our growing population by changing our paradigm of thinking around how we build and WHERE we build. Working in harmony with nature, using recycled and sustainable products we can much more quickly erect suitable housing around the globe.

    There’s a town in Germany that mandates solar panels on roofs of every new home built. If that was implemented worldwide, solar energy would become affordable and we’d solve the fossil fuel addiction. The issue is distribution and the control of that. Free up that control and human innovation will roar and produce wonderment.  I see sustainable housing booming along with sustainable energy being able to develop, as a matter of urgent necessity, in the next ten years.

  • We can ALL find employment or become our own employers when we change our paradigm of thinking around the way we structure business and labour. When we no longer tolerate corporations having a strangle hold on the market and governments; when new and innovate industries are allowed to flourish without corporate competition holding them down; when we allow human ingenuity to reign in this ever increasing population; EVERYONE can find their place or purpose within that creative explosion. I see a Corporate Revolution coming. It has to happen because our current structure is not sustainable.
  • WE CAN take care of our elderly when we change our paradigm of thinking around the purpose of the elderly in our community, and the way we take care of them. Many wise elders these days are highly productive. Instead of putting them out to pasture, their wisdom and their knowledge could be put to better use.

A whole new economy within the elder population could arise that honours the need for them to slow down and have a life style but provides for them to continue to serve the community without being in the rank and file labour force. It is possible. We just need to change the way we think.

Change Makers Making the World a Better Place for ALL

It’s in our hands. Change Makers and Social Entrepreneurs are making it happen. We don’t need to cull the population, we just need to change our ways. Just as before, the population explosion will give birth to huge human ingenuity. A larger population means larger dreams. Dare to dream BIG! Now is the time.

I’ve discovered everyone has a Mission Blueprint. That’s a blueprint for how we can best make a difference, monetize that so we can live in prosperity as well as feel fulfilled. We all came here at this time to participate in the GREAT PARADIGM SHIFT and this new GREAT AGE. We each have a role to play in making it a truly GREAT NEW AGE of possibilities. What role do you have in this great time?

I have a free video series coming up that helps you find your purpose and BEST path to prosperity so we can make a difference without sacrificing our financial wellbeing. It’s Social Entrepreneurship Training 101. I invite you to come along and begin to awaken in you what you’ve come here to do to create this new world of grandeur and magnificence. Here’s the link to get the training.

Create Something That Will Make This World Awesome – Kid President

Kid President – Change Maker of the Month

Let me introduce you to Kid President if you haven’t already met him. He made my Change Maker of the month section in February’s “Strategy With Spirit” Nuggets Ezine. While he is fun and inspirational watch, has the amazing message, “Create something that will make the world awesome”, and a personal mission to make we adults “less boring”, he’s also an example of easy it is monetize your personal mission and higher purpose when you get creative.

This very young man is not only inspiring others to step up and be awesome, He’s now making AWESOME profits delivering his message and he’s got the attention of The President of the United States himself. Take a look at how Kid President has monetized his mission to make adults less boring.

This is Social Entrepreneurship in action. There’s an ad at the beginning of the video, which you can click off to get to Kid President. (PS) If you click on that add, the Kid makes a buck or two! You can monetize anything!

Now it’s your turn to ….

“Create Something That Will Make This World Awesome!”
Kid President

If you’d like to step into Social Entrepreneurship, become a million dollar Change Maker or simply monetize your Personal Mission in life, you might want to take a closer look at Mission Blueprint: The Home Study System for you to Step into Clarity about your Higher Purpose and Personal Mission, with the Confidence that comes from knowing HOW to get there, Certain you can make money Soulfully, even if nothing has worked for you before. Learn all the details here now.

How to Change the World With the Butterfly Effect

Change the World through the butterfly effect of higher purpose

Stepping Into Your Higher Purpose Has The Butterfly Effect Is How We Change the World For The Better

The end of the world has come and gone and the so called New Dawn occurred on the 22nd of December 2012 to herald in a new era. Yet we seem captivated in ‘Groundhog Day’. Despite it being a New Dawn and a New Year, we still face the same old world problems. Has any thing new really occurred?

Now that aliens have failed to show up to save us and the world was not transformed overnight in some spiritual rapture, we humans are left with the responsibility of creating the better world we desire to live in, and solving those problems ourselves.

What do we do now?

Consider this – If a butterfly flapping its wings in Sumatra can effect the weather patterns in New York, what do you as a human being effect every time you breathe and move?

The Butterfly Effect Of Living Your Higher Life Purpose

The phenomenon of small movements, having an effect on larger systems, has been coined as a phrase called ‘The Butterfly Effect’ by mathematician Edward Lorenz.

The worker bee is a great example of this ‘Effect’ because without the daily activity of these small creatures gathering nectar, we humans would most like starve to death. Everything that eats plant life is kept alive because of the simple activity of bees collecting nectar, taking it back to the hive and pollinating plants as they go, also helping in plant propagation. That’s a huge ‘Butterfly Effect’ for such small creatures carrying out the simple purpose of gathering nectar.

We humans are no different from the worker honey bee in that we cause a ‘Butterfly Effect’ with what it is we do. The very small or big things we do has a ‘Butterfly Effect’ on larger systems and the world at large. We are unconsciously causing effects daily. When we begin to consciously focus our actions according to the higher level of our Life Purpose; then we begin the process of a positive ‘Butterfly Effect’, making an even bigger difference that can solve all manner of the world’s problems. This is nature’s design.

Here is an example of how it works. Wayne has an idea that will help solve a problem for the men and women that stand beside him at work. His only desire is to help them keep up their energy and vital life force throughout the long working day, so they don’t have to turn to drugs like speed. He is carrying out the higher level of his Life Purpose in creating a product and service range that he can export, if he chooses.

Wayne’s ‘Butterfly Effect’ creates safer roads because his workmates, once driving our roads while doped up of drugs, are now clean, sober and alert as they drive. That saves lives. It saves taxes payer dollars in a roundabout way. It saves families from the potential abuse that often is associated with drug abuse. In short, Wayne’s idea may seem small, and you may never meet him, but your life is affected by him living his Higher Purpose. As his idea takes off worldwide, you’ll be driving safer roads. It’s a crude and simple example but I have many more. You take Wayne and multiply him by the billions of people living on our planet, and simply by each of us stepping up to our Higher Purpose, we will begin to solves those world problems and transform our world.

This type of ‘Butterfly Effect’, caused by living a life of purpose, is one of the many reasons Life Purpose should be taught in schools. Instead of asking our children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” we could ask them, “What have you come into this world to do?”, and then provide them with the education system that best helps them perform their Personal Mission.

In 2012 alone, I helped over one thousand people find their Life Purpose and higher reason for being here on this planet. In over a thousand clients I have not found one exception to this observation – Within each of us is a Higher Purpose which is a higher level of the expression of our daily Life Purpose. It’s the very thing we were born to do at that higher level. We have a Personal Mission in that sense – something we were born to do. Within that Personal Mission is a seed that contains a unique solution to someone’s problem, and even world problems. It might not be a direct solution, however, the problem gets solved through the ‘Butterfly Effect’ of you expressing yourself through your Higher Purpose, and doing that thing you came here to do – fulfilling your Personal Mission.

Through the ‘Butterfly Effect’ of people focusing on their Higher Purpose and Personal Mission, as opposed to getting a job, we will solve our current problems in more economical ways. (Wayne’s Higher Purpose, by the way, pays him more money). Having solved our biggest problems and living our Higher Purpose, we’ll also begin to free up our energy to explore our higher potentials as individuals, and as ‘a humanity’. This of course would require us to restructure our society around the Law of Purpose, allowing for everyone to take their rightful place, instead of having to fit into an economical structure that, quite frankly, is proving to be unsustainable. Or, will that structure begin to transform by the ‘Butterfly Effect’ of us stepping up to our higher Life Purpose? Perhaps all we need is to reach a critical mass of people living on purpose, for that transformation to take place?

You may have heard the popular expression, “All things being equal, a simpler explanation is better than a more complex one.” Or, “The simpler of two competing ideas is preferred”. These are statements commonly referred to as ‘Occam’s Razor’. Aligning ourselves, and restructuring our systems, according to the Law of Purpose is ‘Occam’s Razor’.

Higher purpose, life purpose, change the worldWhile complex solutions to world problems seem to create more complex problems, a simpler solution might suffice. If we each declare 2013 to be the year we discover what we are here to do, step up to do that very thing we were born for, through the ‘Butterfly Effect’ we might have a better chance of transforming the word to that better place we all dream of.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato said it was our greatest quest to, “Know Thy Self”. I happen to agree with him and would add, “It is our greatest imperative to discover what we are here to do, so we can thrive and our planet can survive.” The world won’t change because we have sought and gained permission of our politicians to make changes.

How can we change the world? The world will transform by each of us stepping up and taking our rightful place within the Law of Purpose, living our higher Life Purpose, letting the ‘Butterfly Effect’ and the Laws of Nature take care of the rest.

If you’re ready to know what you were born to do, and how you can take your place among other change agents transforming this world, take a read of Discover What You Are Here To Do… Learn more about your Higher Purpose and the difference you make here.

Using Vision Board Goal Setting Software for Reaching Your Goals Fast

Part  6 of the “Goals In Life – Starting The Year On The Right Foot” Series

abundant_quiz3-1John Assaraf of the movie ‘The Secret’ and Law of Attraction fame, put the Vision Board for goal setting on the map. Since that movie vision board software came onto the market so you could not only set your goals but we visualize your goals and dreams as well. Vision Board Software, named exactly that, was the first goal setting software to come out to electronicize vision boarding, that I am aware of.

Visionboarding, that is creating a visual representation of your goals and dreams, is not only good for change agents and social entrepreneurs to do for their personal goals, it’s also excellent to vision board your big mission, personal missions and even mission milestones.

Traditionally to create a Vision Board you would cut out pictures that represent the goals you want to reach and place it prominently so you can use the power of creative visualization to manifest those dreams. I know, to some of you blokes it might seem girly, but if it’s good enough for multi-billionaire John Assaraf, in fact if it’s part of his arsenal that helped him become a multi-billionaire, then I figure it’s good enough for you.

As you know I like to say, “Millions of people around the world use the Law of Attraction to manifest a hot dude, hot babe, bigger car, better house and so on, why not use it and other Laws of Nature to change the world?” I think i need to add to that now and also say, “Thousands of people around the world use Vision Boards to creatively visualize reaching their goals fast, why not use Vision Board to creatively visualize making the world a better place fast.” After all the end of the world has come and gone and here we are, same old problems different day. 🙂

Vision Board Goal Setting Software – Mind Movies

Mind Movies is the world’s number #1 visionboarding software.

Vision Board Goal Setting Software Visual Goal Setting Software Creative Visualization

Vision Board Goal Setting Software

What I like about Mind Movies is that I get to create my own movie of what I want to achieve and how I want to start the year off on the right foot with creating my goals in life. You can add your affirmations to each of the visual images. You don’t have to buy heaps of magazines, go through them and cut the images out then glue them. The software allows you to upload jpgs and gifs. So vision board goal setting is so much faster and a lot more fun.

I also like that you can add music to your movie, set the images to your desktop of your computer or your screen saver, and set the affirmation bubbles to pop up at intervals, reminding your subconscious mind that this is what you want it to go out and fetch your you.

So this year as you are starting the year on the right foot with setting your goals in life, why not supercharge the time frame in which you achieve those goals by using the Mind Movies visionboarding software. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made, I think, because it now gives me a tool to bring about anything I want! Be sure to Vision Board your missions for change and that better world we all want to live in, as well.


Meditation Goal Setting and How to Practice Meditation

Part  7 of the “Goals In Life – Starting The Year On The Right Foot” Series

Another thing I do to before setting my new years resolutions and goals in life for the coming year, is meditate a lot. One of the most common questions I get asked when I suggest to my clients to meditate is, “How do I practice meditation?”

So here’s a very simple beginners technique on how to practice meditation.

Simply sit still, be comfortable, you don’t have to be cross legged or sit in the lotus position.

Now focus you attention of being as physically still as possible. No movements.

This does two things:

1.    It gives your busy mind something to do.
2.    It eventually quietens down that busy mind.

Meditation Goal Setting

It’s always a great idea to set a goal for your meditation practice. Each meditation session may have a different goal or the same goal. For example you might set the goal to sit still for five minutes. You may then extend that time frame. You may also set the goal to go deeper into your meditation or have an awakening experience. Up to you what goal you set.

Meditation goal setting can be applied also to your goals in life. For example if you don’t know what to do, what direction to head in with your life purpose, or if you have some problem you need to solve you can set the meditation goal to finding an answer to the issue before you begin your practice.

Helpful answers are more likely to come to a quiet mind in peace, connected to your Higher Self, than when your mind is whirring around like a tornado of thoughts in all directions. Sitting still, focusing on not moving the body, having set your meditation goal is a good place to start your meditation practice.

I’ve put together a series of great meditations to connect with your higher self that I’ll be releasing to my subscribers in the coming days. If you’re interested, and want more tips on living a life of purpose incorporating Strategy With Spirit, be sure to sign up for my monthly Ezine below:

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Receive Monthly Nuggets to Help You: Make A Difference, Achieve Your Mission, Get Better Results Without Wasting Effort, develop Your Soul Power & Connection To Self and Create A Better World.Enter your details below for instant access to the most recent Nuggets.


Setting Self Development Goals and the Butterfly Effect

Part  8 of the “Goals In Life – Starting The Year On The Right Foot” Series

Before I set my new years resolutions, I like to set some self development goals as part of my starting the year on the right foot routine. I think setting and reaching personal development goals are an important part of why social entrepreneurs and change agents will reach their mission milestones. Our greatest enemy is often our selves and our mind right?

I take my self development very seriously. I have been called the Queen of Personal Development after all. Being a Queen in self development then, I make sure I set my goals for the coming year. Continuing education for both my business and my personal development are part of helping me reach those self development goals.

Scheduling Continuing Education to Reach Your Self Development Goals

I make sure I block the appropriate time off on my calendar for the various education programs I want to do, plus I add the investment it will take for these programs into my financial budget for the year. Take it from me, if you don’t block the time off you may find you aren’t able to take time out for your own education and growth. Also if you don’t budget for your continuing education and growth, you may find you have to miss out on something, or you spend funds on something that isn’t as important to you.

I once sat in a seminar that presented me with an amazing opportunity to be mentored by someone I highly respect and admire. At the time I was not able to even stretch to invest in the program, as I have done for other self development programs I have taken. I remember sitting there in the audience feeling this huge sense of disappointment, regret and poverty. I’d never felt that way before. This was my opportunity to take a quantum leap in my life and I missed the boat. A feeling I vowed never to have again.

Ever since that fateful day I vowed to be more purposeful, mindful and prepared to invest in any continuing education, self development or spiritual awakening programs I wanted to. So I now create my self development goals each year, research the education programs that will help me get there faster, if I don’t already know of any I want to do. And here’s the key, I create the budget and start putting that money aside every week, so my personal development bank account is bursting at the seams. I also make sure I budget for spur of the moment, surprise programs and opportunities.

That way I never have to live with regret.

Changing The World By Setting Self Development Goals

Interestingly enough I set the goal to increase my brain capacity one year, so I was using more of my brain. It was during that year I begin to find out all about the new brain science discoveries. Neural Plasticity became the new buzz phrase in the self development movement and books on the brain became prevalent. All the tools I needed to increase how much of my brain I used were at my finger tips.

In my new book Discover What You Are Here To DoI discuss the idea of The Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly effect is the phenomenon of small movements having an impact on larger systems. In the book I postulate that you living on your higher purpose, doing the very thing you were born to do creates the change we all want to see in the world. It’s your Butterfly Effect.

So, could my self development goal setting be the Butterfly Effect that set off a chain reaction that bought about an explosion of discovery in brain science? Possibly, I’d like to think so. 🙂 I do see this phenomenon being demonstrated a number of times. Goals are set, the means are created. That’s why I think it is so important to set self development goals. Not only does it help you achieve your Mission Blueprint – that thing you were born to do, it also contributes indirectly to changing the world and evolving humanity through the Butterfly Effect. Interesting idea to contemplate.

So go forth and set your self development goals, schedule in the personal development education that will get you there, budget your investment in yourself, and change the world for the better, in doing so. 🙂

If stepping up to do what you are here to do, and living your higher purpose are on your wish list for this coming year, I wanted to put my hat in the ring to help you with your training and education on exactly how to make that happen.

This is my reminder that you can still register for Mission Blueprint Secrets Online Bootcamp AND get a free ticket to my Live Event! When you register you’ll also get immediate access to the digital version of Mission Blueprint Secrets so you can start going through the training right away!  In perfect time to help you set your self development goals.


Spiritual Eating via the Numerology Diet for Purposeful Eating

Part 9 of the “Goals In Life – Starting The Year On The Right Foot” Series

I love the idea of The Numerology Diet and purposeful eating. I’m not a numerologist, but if you’ve been following my blog posts for the past few years, you will have noticed I refer to this ancient science of numbers to help give perspective to the historical numeric dates we have had. For example my post on 11:11:11 and the significance, I showed how historically seeming insignificant events that took place this date in 1911, monumentally changed the way we humans live.To now look at numerology to help us with purposeful eating is right up my alley. I like the idea of spiritual eating – AND  a spiritual diet plan is not what you think it is!

Just recently I made a video on 12:12:12 and what the numerology significance of this is. I’ve also been talking all year about how important it is to have our ladder up against the right wall, that is to say, be aligned to your higher purpose, so that every step we take is the right step. I think it’s important for social entrepreneurs and change agents to be eating healthy, particularly if it’s in support of their personal missions, so they can have the higher vibrations to transform the world without reaching burn-out.

With Christmas past, the psycho babble of the end of the world over :), pardon the pun, this is usually a time when we begin to focus on the coming year, think about our resolutions, think about our life purpose and most of us vow to eat better, may decide to go on a diet.

How Bout Trying Spiritual Eating to Support Change Agents and Social Entrepreneurs to Achieve Your Personal Missions

This past year I’ve talked about how being on purpose makes life a little easier and certainly more fulfilling. This coming year I’ve made the commitment to eating on purpose to make my goal in life of eating healthy, easier and more fulfilling just like living on purpose. Often we associate healthy eating with emptiness because we think we can’t have the things we love to eat. I wanted to turn that around this year.

The Numerology Diet - Spiritual Eating to Support Change Agents and Social Entrepreneurs to Achieve Their Personal Missions

I found a great new book called The Numerology Diet. I haven’t read it yet, but one of the author’s is the wife of JV partner and Celebrity Numerologist Mike Madigan (A fellow ex-pat). So one of my goals for this year is to read it, follow it and learn more about eating according to my life purpose. We’ll see how we go.

I like the idea that there is an ideal way of eating for each of us that lines up with our life purpose and supports our life being on purpose. It fits in so nicely with everything I teach about having your ladder up against the right wall.

If we’re talking about starting the year on the right foot, living your life purpose according to your mission blueprint and eating according to your life purpose, so that you are well support to reach your goals in life seems like such a cool thing to focus on this year.

The Numerology Diet is the first spiritually-based, life purpose eating system that connects you fully to your highest vibrational energy, while nourishing you to your ideal body. Here’s the link for all the details about eating according to your life purpose – The Numerology Diet And Purposeful Eating. A must have in every social entrepreneurs and change agents library.

My Personal Mission to Help Change Agents Create a Better World

I’m coming out with my story of how I launched a campaign that saved a billion dollar change agent industry from ruin. The strategy that turned out to be a winning strategy, I’ve been working with other change agents on missions to create a better world and all to consistent results. So I’m really excited about getting my new book in as many agent’s of change and difference makers hands as soon as possible.

Click Here To Support This Campaign To Create A Better World

I don’t know about you but I’m not prepared to wait for politicians to get their act together to create a better world for us;

I don’t think we should rely on the myth that aliens will come and evacuate us in their spaceships, while they clean up our planet;

I’m not going to bank on the problems of war, human suffering, inequity and social injustice miraculously disappearing after the 21st December 2012.

So I’m on a personal mission to help 100,000 difference makers and agents of change achieve their missions to create a better world with my new book – The Mission Mentor’s Handbook for Change Agents – Creating A Winning Mission Strategy With The Undefeatable Laws of Nature.

I have this strong conviction that you were born at your precise moment in time with a personal mission to make a difference. That this is the time for that mission to be implemented if you haven’t already started because quite frankly, the world needs you. It needs all of us. That makes us all agents of change.

If found out that I was born to do something that would make a difference the hard way.

Over twenty years ago, I faced a six month expiry date dealing with Leukaemia. The morning I finally faced up to that fact, and in the depths of my despair with nothing but darkness in my mind, a small girl’s voice came up from within my aching heart and cried out “But I haven’t done what I came here to do yet. I don’t want to die.” Here she is here.

I discovered I had a big death wish. A part of me wanted out of this crazy world of suffering,  unfairness, injustice, violence and pain. I didn’t want to live in this world any more. I wanted out. But the little girl inside of me wanted in, cause she had a mission to do something pretty big.

After I had sobbed so hard too exhausted to cry any more, her voice spoke again only this time she said, “I want to live”. I knew I had to summon up every last little drop of hope and energy I could find to live, so this little girl could be about doing what she came here to do and that she didn’t end up facing the end of her life in disappointment that she had not achieved her mission.

That’s a disappointing voice and experience I hope you never have to have. I know you are an agent of change too, along with me, born to help create a better world.

But good hearted people, with great ideas that could make a big difference in our world, more often than not get stopped in their tracks, or they never get their great mission off the ground because of unsurmountable odds and relentless obstacles.
There are millions of change agents around the world, working diligently to make this planet a better place and they struggle to get their message heard. In the mean time we all long for that message to be heard AND implemented so we can see that change in our lifetime and leave a great legacy for our kids. Despite years, decades and even centuries of hard work many missions for positive change fail.

Yet I managed to achieve in just six months a mission a billion dollar industry had failed to achieve in seven years of hard work applying intelligent solutions. Why? Why was I any different?

You see In 2006 I stepped up to do that thing that little girl inside of me was born to do. I launched and implemented a Master Plan that turned out to be a winning strategy that saved this billion dollar industry from ruin, while I was fighting the final stages of Melanoma.  This was my second visit of a different type of cancer this time. Apparently, I didn’t get the full lesson first time round.

Yet despite impossible odds, I managed to achieve in six months what the entire industry failed to do in seven years. I made history and I won an award for my role in this groundbreaking moment. Here’s a picture of me holding the award.
How did I do that? What was the difference? Had I stumbled across some secret to the Universe?

As it turned out I had stumbled across a secret or two. And six years later it’s time for me to share my discoveries and success with the world and get this winning strategy in the hands of every change agent, so their missions too can overcome impossible odds and relentless obstacles. Then we can speed up this process of creating the better world we all dream of having, before it’s too late.

Here’s your invitation to join me in this co-creation to speed up the positive changes we desire. Join me on Indiegogo and help me get my message out by doing one or more of the following:

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Thanks in advance for your support in contributing to create a better world.

We all bring something unique and magnificent to the global picnic. I can’t wait to see what your bringing to the table as you read and implement my strategies in my new book – The Mission Mentor’s Handbook for Change Agents.

Thank you for your heart and your support in getting this message out to hundreds of thousands of change agents who need help to advance their mission for positive change.