The Mission Mentor’s Handbook for Change Agents

The Mission Mentor’s Handbook for Change Agents – Creating A Winning Mission Strategy Using The Undefeatable Laws Of Nature, by Nicola Grace The Mission Mentor.

The book outlines a proven strategy for difference makers on a mission to create a better world.

At present the book is set to retail at a modest price a little more than cost – $14.95. The book is priced to reach best seller on Amazon as quickly as possible , in order to get the exposure needed to fund ongoing print runs and marketing budgets.

The Handbook is two weeks away from being completed and ready for editing. I have already purchased a platform to mass market and distribute the book. Now I’m needing the funds to publish, print and market the book to get it into the hands of those people with grand ideas that could make our world a fantastic place to live in for us all.

Here is the table of contents and book cover as it stands:

Table of Contents

a. Introduction – A David and Goliath Story of historical proportions – my story outlined

b. Why Missions For Change Fail – Five of the biggest mistakes change agents make

c. Positioning Your Mission to Succeed Using The Laws Of Nature – A practical ‘fail-safe’ checklist for every successful agent of change

d. Engaging the Ultimate Leverage Technology – A Soulful approach to strategic planning

e. Getting it Right With The Law Of Expansion – Making your mission strategy destined to succeed

f. Increasing Your Influence With The Law Of Growth – How to get congruent and confident you have the power to make it happen

g. Making Your Mission Strategy Undefeatable – Weaving ‘Strategy With Spirit’ to overcome impossible odds

h. Five Problems A Change Agent Must Solve – Introducing The Master Plan to reach Mission Accomplished, Vision Achieved