The Mission Mentor’s Handbook for Change Agents

Creating Your Winning Mission
Strategy Using  The Undefeatable
Laws of Nature


A Proven Formula for Difference Makers on a Mission to Create a Better World

the mission mentor, handbook for change agents, winning mission strategy, undefeatable laws of nature, proven formula, difference makers, mission, create a better world, change the worldAre you prepared to wait for politicians to get their act together to create a better world?
Do you rely on the myth that aliens will come and evacuate us in their spaceships, while they clean up our planet?
Or are you hoping the problems of war, human suffering, inequity and social injustice will miraculously disappear on the 21st December 2012?


I say NO! to all three questions above. That’s why I’m on a personal mission to help 100,000 difference makers and agents of change achieve their missions to create a better world with my new book – The Mission Mentor’s Handbook for Change Agents – Creating A Winning Mission Strategy With The Undefeatable Laws of Nature.

You see, I have this strong conviction that you were born at your precise moment in time with a personal mission to make a difference. That this is the time for that mission to be implemented if you haven’t already started because quite frankly, the world needs you. It needs all of us. That makes us all agents of change.

If found out that I was born to do something that would make a difference the hard way.

Over twenty years ago, I faced a six month expiry date dealing with leukaemia. The morning I finally faced up to that fact, and in the depths of my despair with nothing but darkness in my mind, a small girl’s voice came up from within my aching heart and cried out “But I haven’t done what I came here to do yet. I don’t want to die.”

I discovered I had a big death wish. A part of me wanted out of this crazy world of suffering, unfairness, injustice, violence and pain. I didn’t want to live in this world any more. I wanted out. But the little girl inside of me wanted in, cause she had a mission to do something pretty big.

After I had sobbed so hard too exhausted to cry any more, her voice spoke again only this time she said, “I want to live”. I knew I had to summon up every last little drop of hope and energy I could find to live, so this little girl could be about doing what she came here to do and that she didn’t end up facing the end of her life in disappointment that she had not achieved her mission.

That’s a disappointing voice and experience I hope you never have to have. I know you are an agent of change too, along with me, born to help create a better world.

But good hearted people, with great ideas that could make a big difference in our world, more often than not get stopped in their tracks, or they never get their great mission off the ground because of unsurmountable odds and relentless obstacles.

There are millions of change agents around the world, working diligently to make this planet a better place and they struggle to get their message heard. In the mean time we all long for that message to be heard AND implemented so we can see that change in our lifetime and leave a great legacy for our kids. Despite years, decades and even centuries of hard work many missions for positive change fail.

Yet I managed to achieve in just six months a mission a billion dollar industry had failed to achieve in seven years of hard work applying intelligent solutions. Why? Why was I any different?

You see In 2006 I stepped up to do that thing that little girl inside of me was born to do. I launched and implemented a Master Plan that turned out to be a winning strategy that saved this billion dollar industry from ruin, while I was fighting the final stages of Melanoma.  This was my second visit of a different type of cancer this time. Apparently, I didn’t get the full lesson first time round.

Yet despite impossible odds, I managed to achieve in six months what the entire industry failed to do in seven years. I made history and I won an award for my role in this groundbreaking moment. How did I do that? What was the difference? Had I stumbled across some secret to the Universe?

As it turned out I had stumbled across a secret or two. And six years later it’s time for me to share my discoveries and success with the world and get this winning strategy in the hands of every change agent, so their missions too can overcome impossible odds and relentless obstacles. Then we can speed up this process of creating the better world we all dream of having, before it’s too late.

Table of Contents

a. Introduction – A David and Goliath Story of historical proportions – my story outlined

b. Why Missions For Change Fail – Five of the biggest mistakes change agents make

c. Positioning Your Mission to Succeed Using The Laws Of Nature – A practical ‘fail-safe’ checklist for every successful agent of change

d. Engaging the Ultimate Leverage Technology – A Soulful approach to strategic planning

e. Getting it Right With The Law Of Expansion – Making your mission strategy destined to succeed

f. Increasing Your Influence With The Law Of Growth – How to get congruent and confident you have the power to make it happen

g. Making Your Mission Strategy Undefeatable – Weaving ‘Strategy With Spirit’ to overcome impossible odds

h. Five Problems A Change Agent Must Solve – Introducing The Master Plan to reach Mission Accomplished, Vision Achieved

We all bring something unique and magnificent to the global picnic. I can’t wait to see what your bringing to the table as you read and implement my strategies in my new book – The Mission Mentor’s Handbook for Change Agents.

Here’s your opportunity to pre-order a copy of either the Ebook Version (delivery date 2nd January 2013) or Paperback for delivery by 1st February 2013.

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