The Mission Mentor’s Yearly Success Routine

Part 1: Goals In Life – Starting The Year On The Right Foot

The Mission Mentor's Yearly Success RoutineEvery year between Christmas and New Year, right on into the first week of the New Year, I refocus on my goals in life so I start the year on the right foot. This year, for the first time ever, I thought I’d share my routine because it works so well for me.

Let’s face it, we all have good intentions with our new year’s resolutions and we vow to make changes, but when that New Year comes around so fast, it feels like the year hits the ground running with you chasing it’s tail behind the eight ball. Precisely why I plan for lots of reflection time. This week between Christmas and New Year is like my major “Strategy With Spirit” spiritual juice week.

Every year I take this special time out for me, my life and my goals in life to make sure the next year runs smoothly from a solid foundation. When take that time out to reach my goals, magical things happen and all is progressing. I have had years where, for one reason or another, I was just too busy to put the time aside. Those subsequent years, I have noticed, seem to fly by without me having much of a handle on how things are progressing. So I have learned how important starting the year on the right foot is.

Here’s is my Success Routine. I’ve listed the routine below and then linked them to the blog post that explains in more details for those o you interested in any or all of the steps, wanting to take them in more depth.

  1. Step One – Examine My Subconscious Mind Beliefs That Could Be Holding Me BackThe first thing I do toward the end of each year, before I plan for the coming year, is examine whether or not I have subconscious mind beliefs holding me back from reaching by big goals in life. I look to see how did I do this previous year? Have I learned my lessons from the obstacles and difficulties I faces? Have I rooted out any unconscious limiting beliefs lurking away in the depths of my subconscious mind?

    I do this self examination exercise first, because no amount of strategic planning, goal setting, creative visualization, affirming, humming or action will succeed while there are counter beliefs operating in your subconscious mind. They need to be found and fished out, transmuted and replaced with support beliefs that will get you to where you are going.

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  2. Step Two – Check My Alignment With My Higher Self So I’m Reaching MY Goals

    Being in alignment with your Higher Self when you set your goals in life, is one of the fastest ways to succeed in reaching your goals. That being said it would make sent if you wanted to be starting the year on the right foot you’d want to make sure you were in alignment with your Higher Self….

    If you have set goals in life that are not aligned to your Mission Blueprint, that thing you came here to do in this world, then you may or may struggle in reaching your goals, and this leads to the all to familiar failed goals syndrome. The failure to reach goals doesn’t have much to do with how you write them, but more to do with; whether or not they in your Soul’s blueprint to achieve; are they what you really want at that Soul level –the level of your higher self; do you have your goals timed within the Laws of Nature (The Law of Periodicity in-particular); and do you have any subconscious blocks to reaching those goals that need to be routed out.

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  3. It’s a great idea to review your goals and personal mission each year for one reason and one reason only. Things change! While your personal mission never changes at the Mission Blueprint level, you grow and the world changes, new technologies are born, new ideas come into our sphere of influence, and part of living successfully is adapting to change fast!

    One of the other phenomenon’s I see with my clients is that many of their goals and personal missions aren’t their own. They belong to their parents, society, to their internal chirping monkeys, and so their goals are set from this place of “I should”. I should strive for this or I should make this my goal or I should do this.If you are sitting on any failed goals or struggling for some of them to come into fruition, it could be because you have set a goal you think you should have rather than because it’s part of your personal mission at your Soul’s Mission Blueprint level.Read More Here

  4. Step Four – Setting Personal Goals As Mission MilestonesNow I’ve cleared the path by removing limiting subconscious mind beliefs, realigned to my Mission Blueprint, reassessed my current goals for life, it’s time to set my personal goals for the coming year. Achieving these goals let me know I’m on track and living on purpose. These personal goals then become my mission milestones for my life.Having personal goals in life doesn’t only help you with direction, it actually helps you bring into your world that which you want to experience. Without them you wander aimlessly totally reliant on what is stored in your subconscious mind to bring to you experiences. If you haven’t programmed your subconscious mind for that which you want, via setting personal goals, you might not get it. We change agents and social entrepreneurs have goals in our missions and business, but have you taken the time to look at what your goals in life are on a personal level?Read More Here
  5. Step Five – Using Vision Board Goal Setting Software For Reaching My Goals FastThis is the fun part. John Assaraf of the movie ‘The Secret’ and Law of Attraction fame, put the Vision Board for goal setting on the map. Since that movie, vision board software came onto the market so you could not only set your goals but we visualize your goals and dreams as well. Vision Board Software, named exactly that, was the first goal setting software to come out to electronicize vision boarding, that I am aware of….

    Traditionally to create a Vision Board you would cut out pictures that represent the goals you want to reach and place it prominently so you can use the power of creative visualization to manifest those dreams. I know, to some of you blokes it might seem girly, but if it’s good enough for multi-billionaire John Assaraf, in fact if it’s part of his arsenal that helped him become a multi-billionaire, then I figure it’s good enough for you.

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  6. Step Six – I Set Goals For My Meditation Practice and Meditate

    Another thing I do to before setting my new years resolutions and goals in life for the coming year, is meditate a lot. One of the most common questions I get asked when I suggest to my clients to meditate is, “How do I practice meditation?”

    So here’s a very simple beginners technique on how to practice meditation.

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  7. Step Seven – Setting Self Development Goals For My Butterfly Effect

    Before I set my new years resolutions, I like to set some self development goals as part of my starting the year on the right foot routine. I think setting and reaching personal development goals are an important part of why social entrepreneurs and change agents will reach their mission milestones. Our greatest enemy is often our selves and our mind right?

    I take my self development very seriously. I have been called the Queen of Personal Development after all. Being a Queen in self development then, I make sure I set my goals for the coming year. Continuing education for both my business and my personal development are part of helping me reach those self development goals.

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  8. Step Eight – Setting The Goal of Purposeful EatingEvery year billions of people set the news resolution to eat better and loose weight. I’m no different. But this year I’m going to do something a little bit different.This past year I’ve talked about how being on purpose makes life a little easier and certainly more fulfilling. This coming year I’ve made the commitment to eating on purpose to make my goal in life of eating healthy, easier and more fulfilling just like living on purpose. Often we associate healthy eating with emptiness because we think we can’t have the things we love to eat. I wanted to turn that around this year.I found a great new book called The Numerology Diet. My goal is to read it and follow it. I also want to introduce my subscribers to the book so they can give me feedback as to how it’s working with them. I might well incorporate it into my Living On Purpose program.

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Well there you have it. My yearly success routine. I hope you find it useful and it brings you the successes it’s brought me when you follow these steps. I’d appreciate your feedback via way of comments below.

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