Using Vision Board Goal Setting Software for Reaching Your Goals Fast

Part  6 of the “Goals In Life – Starting The Year On The Right Foot” Series

abundant_quiz3-1John Assaraf of the movie ‘The Secret’ and Law of Attraction fame, put the Vision Board for goal setting on the map. Since that movie vision board software came onto the market so you could not only set your goals but we visualize your goals and dreams as well. Vision Board Software, named exactly that, was the first goal setting software to come out to electronicize vision boarding, that I am aware of.

Visionboarding, that is creating a visual representation of your goals and dreams, is not only good for change agents and social entrepreneurs to do for their personal goals, it’s also excellent to vision board your big mission, personal missions and even mission milestones.

Traditionally to create a Vision Board you would cut out pictures that represent the goals you want to reach and place it prominently so you can use the power of creative visualization to manifest those dreams. I know, to some of you blokes it might seem girly, but if it’s good enough for multi-billionaire John Assaraf, in fact if it’s part of his arsenal that helped him become a multi-billionaire, then I figure it’s good enough for you.

As you know I like to say, “Millions of people around the world use the Law of Attraction to manifest a hot dude, hot babe, bigger car, better house and so on, why not use it and other Laws of Nature to change the world?” I think i need to add to that now and also say, “Thousands of people around the world use Vision Boards to creatively visualize reaching their goals fast, why not use Vision Board to creatively visualize making the world a better place fast.” After all the end of the world has come and gone and here we are, same old problems different day. 🙂

Vision Board Goal Setting Software – Mind Movies

Mind Movies is the world’s number #1 visionboarding software.

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Vision Board Goal Setting Software

What I like about Mind Movies is that I get to create my own movie of what I want to achieve and how I want to start the year off on the right foot with creating my goals in life. You can add your affirmations to each of the visual images. You don’t have to buy heaps of magazines, go through them and cut the images out then glue them. The software allows you to upload jpgs and gifs. So vision board goal setting is so much faster and a lot more fun.

I also like that you can add music to your movie, set the images to your desktop of your computer or your screen saver, and set the affirmation bubbles to pop up at intervals, reminding your subconscious mind that this is what you want it to go out and fetch your you.

So this year as you are starting the year on the right foot with setting your goals in life, why not supercharge the time frame in which you achieve those goals by using the Mind Movies visionboarding software. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made, I think, because it now gives me a tool to bring about anything I want! Be sure to Vision Board your missions for change and that better world we all want to live in, as well.