What Are the Laws of Nature?


Why Are The Laws of Nature Undefeatable?

mission mentor, laws of nature

by Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor

Laws of Nature are the orderly method of omnipotent vibration. Everything in our world comes down to vibration and vibration is ordered through a method – we call it Law.

Everything in our physical universe is governed by Laws referred to as The Laws of Physics or The Laws of Nature – Universal Laws. Simply stated there is something that holds stuff up and keeps that stuff working so planets don’t fall out of the cosmos, humans don’t drop off the earth, life is created and evolves and life goes on. Something is governing that, and we refer to them as Laws.

Our physical universe is governed by Laws that are predictable, repeatable, understandable and are associated with a mathematical equation. Many of the Laws we know about today, like the Law of Gravity have a mathematical equation that explains how they work. Some Laws might even be yet to be discovered or put in terms of their mathematical equation.

Now because Laws of Nature are predictable, repeatable and understandable you can align your mission statement and strategy to them to make your mission outcomes predictable, repeatable and understandable.

We cannot alter that method or that Law because we aren’t the intelligence that created them. That makes The Laws of Nature Undefeatable. That makes you undefeatable when you align to them and work with them. That makes your mission strategy undefeatable when you align to, work with and apply these Laws.

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