What Is an Assange? Part 2

Great conversation. I hold that when “personal peccadilloes” or personal slurs are made by anyone, it’s an admission of eventual defeat at some level. With nothing more intelligent to offer, or no honest defense of the behaviour being exposes, the antagonists have nothing better up their sleeves but the, “give em the ole razzle dazzle” trick, and make the argument about the person’s alleged character. A ruse, I tell you.

I knew I had won the battle in my campaign against the ANZTPA Bill when the incumbent Govt of NZ, came out with the razzle dazzle of character assassination. If that was the only ammunition they had up their sleeve I knew we had won. The trick is knowing how to intelligently leverage that information, and apply a strategy to drive the hammer home to victory.

One such strategy is to call the game. Name it and shame it. A press release saying “The Government Attempts To Pull The Ole Razzle Dazzle On The People” … alert the people to the game, give them another perspective on the subject.
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